Dasaratha Shani Stotra - ( Dashrata krit shani stuti ) { HD 1080 i / 3D }

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Emperor Dasaratha was the only person who called Lord Shaniswara for duel as he was to cross his country bringing drought and poverty. Lord Shaniswara extolled Dasaratha's virtues and replied to him that "I can't skip my duties but I'm pleased with your courage. Great sage Rishyasringa can help you.

"Wherever Rishyasringa lives, that country will have no drought and dryness".

Dasaratha after receiving the blessings from Lord Shaniswara, wisely resolved the difficult situation by making Rishyasringa as his son-in-law. 'Santha', known to be daughter of Dasaratha, was married to Rishyasringa so that he is always present in Ayodhya. The second story and mythology says so;