How the FoodSaver VS3000 works (with unboxing and demos)

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

I was #gifted the FoodSaver® VS3000 and had to put it for a test. In the video, I unboxed it and tested out the functions. Check out the vacuum sealing in action!

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*It's easy to use and it does a great job with vacuuming and sealing. Food last longer **MyBest.Kitchen** and stores easily in the freezer or pantry. I'm so happy I bought this. Now I won't have to deal with foil and freeze bags anymore*

Author — Anita Tha


I appreciate this, Mary! This is far easier to understand than the written instructions. Thank you for making my latest kitchen tool easier to use!

Author — Going Boldacious for Christ


Thank you for this great review. After watching this I am now confident I can use it properly!😁👍🏼👍🏼

Author — choopiebmw


Thank you for the instructions on how to use this. Very thorough. FoodSaver on the other hand... well, they're pretty useless when it comes to their "instructional" videos on this product. So again, THANK YOU! They should pay you for doing this vid.

Author — Punk Nugget


Thank You so much for this video. I had used my old seal/vac for over 30 years. When it finally "sealed its last bag", I had to buy a new one. I didn't want an appliance that would outlive me, so I bought one of the cheap ones. It knew how to seal but didn't have the"oomph" to do the vacuum. Back it went and when the saleslady showed me the Food Savers, I said, "why not?". Your video made me brave enough to open the box and get going!

Author — MIKE C


Thanks Mary. Very informative video with easy to follow directions on how to use the food saver.
Much appreciated!

Author — Rob Service


Wow … Thank you Mary for a great tutorial. I just up graded to a new model and was a bit confused with there directions.

Author — Trish Bailey White


I wonder the difference between this one and the more expensive one that’s bigger?

Author — Myriam Alexandria


Thank you! Have this one and now I know how to work it.

Author — Ally P


THANK YOU! Got a FoodSaver for Christmas and, as Punk Nugget mentioned, the instructions were pretty useless (let's just say they aren't first-time user friendly). After watching your video I'm going to unbox my FoodSaver and play!

Author — Pj Fowler


Thank you so very much you made my life so much easier I can just plug-in go by watching your video thank you so much so appreciative!👏👏😊

Author — Christine White


I won't ever use the zip lock seal bags! I would like to see the hose unit on jar and marinade containers! Quick and simple demo of other operations of this unit though!

Author — Robert Greenhouse


OMG. Thank you. I was so cranky and tired today. I just wanted to figure out how to use this thing and get it done. But all the other videos had a bunch of yapping about why they use the Food Saver and what it is for. Like duh. It's obvious and we don't need all of that, LOL. So thank you for just giving the instructions and making it simple!!!

Author — Y T


I purchased this at Cosco on sale - assuming I could use accessories with it to vacuum seal mason jars that I use for dry goods - but this model at over $100 on sale doesn't seal jars with the FoodSaver jar accessories - there is no port in the machine and the handheld device is only for the prepared bags sold by FoodSaver. I am very disappointed and am forced to use a handheld brake bleeder tool to use my jars - what a horrible thing to sell - they should include a disclaimer that this machine, although not cheap, doesn't do the job unless you only use their supplies to seal your food.

Author — Sylvia Smart


Hi, can the Foodsaver bags (the ones you used with the handheld) be washed and reused?

Author — Nancye Hill


Do you know how to use Food Saver attachments with this machine? My older machine just quit and I bought this machine at Sams. I can’t figure out how to use my jar sealer or my canisters with this machine. Thank you!

Author — Eyes 2 C


In your description, it's VS3000, but the item model number in your video review is VS3196. I couldn't find VS3000 nor VS3196, but it's pretty similar to VS3150 in Amazon(US). Why is that?

Author — Z Z


Great Vid! Thanks for your assistance.

Author — Dry Coconut


The FS lid will open all the way and stay up while you roll you bags.

Author — M L


Are you able to use the mason jar vacuum attachment with this model?

Author — Stephanie Mielbeck