Why not all reusable bags are good for the planet | Did You Know?

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Plastic bags are now banned from most stores across Australia. How much better are the reusable options?

Major supermarkets, and most states and territories in Australia, are banning the single-use plastic shopping bag. So it's time to find different options. From green bags to degradable bags, hessian bags to cotton totes — are these plastic bag alternatives any better? You'll need to consider how the bags are produced, how many times you'll use it, and how you can dispose of it.

In full: Here's how plastic bag alternatives stack up

Report: Life cycle assessment of supermarket carrier bags: a review of the bags available in 2006 (British Environment Agency)

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The bigger problem is when customers bring their own bags and they want the cashier to bag their stuff into their dirty unwashed bags its disrespectful

Author — eagle eye


In the Philippines they banned plastic bags and mostly use paper bags or cardboard boxes which products were delivered in. A good option!

Author — abopfred


I've just been using those bags made from recycled plastic bottles for years - you fill them up, you empty them, you reuse them, no need to worry about not having enough bags for years!

Author — agenttheater5


In the old days (before plastic bags became so commonplace), people were more resourceful and less wasteful. Cardboard boxes were often reused to put your groceries in, fish was wrapped in newspaper and bags were often made of straw or paper.

Whenever I go food shopping, I take a cardboard box off the shelves to put my shopping in. I will then repurpose some of the boxes to be used as parcels.

Author — Mr Chris


My dad bought plastic woven bags about 4 years ago and uses them about twice a week. In that time we have only ever needed to buy two more. It is plastic but we are lucky to have good waste disposal facilities in our area :)

Author — Neighbourhood Idiot_668


Single use shopping bags are not single use! I always reuse my bags.

Author — The Lawn Gnome


This is the best video ty so much for this valuable info :)

Author — pao beltran


I reuse regular bags a few times, but recently switched to reusable bags because the can accomodate cartons with sharp corners and deform soft items such as bread less. I only ever throw out bags if they are torn by stained by root vegetables or mud.

Author — j7ndominica0


The heavy duty bags don’t get reused. We just threw out about two hundred that were used once. The old bags we used for rubbish. They also break down way quicker than the new ones. We did a test when this started. We hung 4 different bags on our fence. In three weeks the old bags were dust. The new ones unaffected. The cotton ones were faded and ripped easily. The vinyl one was still exactly the same.

Author — marvin martin


I bought my Jute Shopping Bag in 2003 and I am still using it.

Author — Sheila F.


Just be careful with the paper bag and suck it up. Or buy a reusable bag. I feel like the jute or green bag are the best option as long as you dont throw them out for whatever reason.

Author — Mastertromos G


Hemp would be a good option it was used for centuries and easy to grow. I have reduced my bio waste to zero but finding it difficult to phase out plastic use, it is used in so many different things now and realistic viable alternates are difficult to find.

Author — Keith


Australia doing this because they cannot export any more rubbish to China

Author — K T


I now know what it is to experience an incident that only
lasted seconds but seem like minutes, it was a few months ago that now seem
like yesterday in my memory. While walking home just before dark, a few blocks
from my apartment building, crossing a street when out of the corner of my eye
a large what I assumed was an animal rushing toward me, well as it would turn
out it was a large wind-swept plastic bag, if I was one of those with a weaker ticker,
I might have been a goner right then on the spot. In my New York State, the
banning of single use plastic bags is moving toward consideration, I hope it passes…

Author — Edmund Singleton


yup! that's what I said from the start! what's the point of these thicker plastic bags, they're worse for the environment. We should stick to the brown bag. make it thicker in the bottom in case it leaks so it at least makes it home, since MOST people don't really reuse the bags.

Author — Jennie Zen


I make no sew bags from old t shirts. It takes about 5-10 minutes to make one.

Author — Lynette Zozette


Something needs to be done about Woolies not allowing competitors reusage bags to be used. No other supermarkets enforce those rules. That just creates more pollution if you need to buy separate bags for Woolies.

Author — Cosmic Collision


If you can, just avoid using bags completely, you have two arms!

Author — Cali Freerunning


So the garbage bag issue is the one I'm looking for a genuine & easy solution to. Anyone have any suggestions on this? I have a disability, so bending over & lining it with newspaper & then gathering that up is not feasible for me

Author — Lilac Lizard


Glad to see the ABC reporting on actual facts in regards to plastic bags vs alternatives

Author — Marke Enkel