Tucker on Warren's warning about two-income families

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Tucker on Warren's warning about two-income families 5

Why does the Democratic agenda refuse to protect and encourage families, yet one of their own wrote an entire book about it? #Tucker #FoxNews

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Who else misses when families could support themselves entirely on one income and children were raised better?🙋‍♀️

Author — Ali D


Destroying the American family was by design no accident that’s for sure.

Author — J F


“Children are not a distraction from more important work, They Are The Most Important Work”--CS Lewis

Author — Lydia M


What’s really funny is all the politicians don’t have ANY of these issues and ALL live comfortably on the American tax $$

Author — Jesse Fitzsimmons


This is just proof of how fake Warren really is.

Author — ez1913


Parents should raise their children, not schools

Author — lucky seven


I cherished growing up with my mom home always there when I needed her.

Author — Robert Nimmo


I like Tucker because he talks about the issues that really matter.

Author — Phillip James Clearman


The elites are actively doing everything they can behind the scenes to cull the middle class. They have nothing to gain from an affluent middle class. They want mindless worker drones that do just enough to stay out of poverty. And they want a large poverty class so the worker drones know the consequences of going off the reservation.

Author — Grant Toye


It’s amazing how many lefties were actually sane before the Obama era.

Author — Rick C-137


Who thinks government as a whole is out of touch

Author — dont support the news


Not all of us are millionaires Elizabeth! Oh yeah, and by the way, we didn’t lie to get into college by lying on the application!

Author — Graham Young


Remember when two sides of a topic could be discussed freely, without threats, insults and accusations?

Author — warchant59


This is literally the side effect of the second wave feminism

Author — Not Sure


Only time in history when having children is a punishable ordeal. In old times a new child in the community was a big deal. All the villagers would bring gifts to the new mother but not anymore

Author — Master Jedi


Elizabeth Warren understands what is destroying America. She just decided to profit from that destruction instead.

Author — Collected Reader


She won’t talk about it because she’s been making tons of dough being involved with the democrats since she’s opened her mouth about it

Author — jbone •----=_-==〈


In the 70s I cleared about 60 to 70 dollars a week and had money to burn. Sad how inflation and corporate greed has taken all that away.

Author — Robert Gregg


The more u make the more they take in taxes unreal

Author — Billy Bob


That looks like a good book. It’s so sad she’s deviated so much from what she knew.

Author — The Cove