Tucker on Warren's warning about two-income families

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Tucker on Warren's warning about two-income families 5
Why does the Democratic agenda refuse to protect and encourage families, yet one of their own wrote an entire book about it? #Tucker #FoxNews

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Who thinks government as a whole is out of touch

Author — der Jakob


Soon you will have to be worth at least a million to be considered middle class

Author — nannieweelee eee


Big Government can’t solve our problems- Big Gov’t IS the problem..

Author — renovatenyc


Elizabeth Warren understands what is destroying America. She just decided to profit from that destruction instead.

Author — Collected Reader


Elizabeth Warren, a pathology liar, and not native American,

Author — Graeme Twycross


I have said this for the last 10 years. We used to have 1 bread winner per household with 3 -4 kids. Now we have families with 2 bread winners and 1 or 2 kids.

Author — S.M.P


«Populism is what you get when you ignore the country's problems for so long that the people feels they have to punish their leaders»
could not have worded it better myself,
thank you Tucker.
Unlike the leftists you actually get why we ended up here.

Author — Joakim Haugen


Wealth without a valid education is true poverty.
The democrats fit that description.

Author — Zeek M


Wow! Tucker Carlson certainly does his homework. He really is a journalist... and he's worth every penny that FOX pays him.

Author — Richard Ralph Roehl


The fact that Warren would so easily forfeit her stance on values is further proof that she should not become president of the United States of America. A leader is someone who's willing to be disruptive. ..Mmm, Trump seems to be disruptive.

Author — jax parra


Lizzie Warren took an axe, and gave a tee pee 40 whacks. When Nancy saw what she had done, she gave our border 41.

Author — steve smith


The agenda to break up famies have them dependent on government
We all in war fighting for our souls most jus don't realize it

Author — Diana Ritchie


The feminist movement was funded by the Rockefeller foundation. That should give you a hint as to the long term goals that they really had.

Author — Greg Hall


Not right wing at all. Tucker Carlson is dropping huge truth bombs here.

Author — Nik W


I've believed this for decades. But unlike Warren, I'm not afraid to say it and stand behind what I say.

Author — Darlene Hoover


My wife and I had only one child simply because we could not afford anymore. I was one of those workers (optician) who's wages moved down the economic scale because I was replaced by females who did not have the necessary skills nor the knowledge to actually do the work that I did, but they were willing to work for a lot less and the public was stupid enough to accept the lower level of care that these workers provided, but still paying the same price for the services provided. I really could care less if this government doesn't have the workers in the future to pay the taxes for whatever nonsense the government wants to spend money on including infrastructures. The government is totally corrupt and the average person is to lazy and apathetic to research this on their own. The government can kiss my...

Author — forrest chambers


I guess I was lucky? My wife and I raised 3 boys. We ran the math and found it cheaper for her to simply stay home and raise them while I worked. I guess people don't realize the extra car payment and upkeep, clothes, food for work and many other things that take our money just so we can work, often costs more than one person makes; ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU PRICE DAYCARE. It wasn't ever easy but now they are grown, we both work and it seems like we have no more money now than we did when she didn't work and the kids were home. Our kids turned out wonderful and responsible and thank us most every week for raising them that way. Two out of college, good jobs. One just starting college. .

Author — Jo In


We actively chose to only have one income and, although were not rolling in dough, we're not in debt and we actually have more discretionary income than our dual income friends. And the best part is our kids are benefiting the most because we are able to do supplemental home-schooling and have time for lots of extra-curricular activities. They are testing at much higher grade levels and they get to have a lot of fun learning instead of being put in kid jail with people that have no interest in their well being other than give the kid back in the same condition they came in.

Author — taintedyouth13


Middle class America wants nothing to do with Democrats

Author — C&C Vee


They talk a good talk like Obama . give you nothing and line their own pockets

Author — Mike Bulu