Jim Cramer: Stopped being an Intel hawk when scientists, engineers stopped running the company

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Jim Cramer: Stopped being an Intel hawk when scientists, engineers stopped running the company 5

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Unfortunately Jim is right. Engineers should run an engineering company. When finance people become CEOs companies usually lose their way and start a slow death.

Author — John Wang


No urgency & using the same tech over and over = Kodak, Polaroid & Intel
Urgency with innovative techs = Tesla, Nvidia & AMD.

Author — Dsch Dsch


Basically says to BoB Swan's face that he should be fired.

Author — BuySellHold Finance


Jim hit right on the key point. Intel lost the technological advantage they've been enjoying for decades. It will take years to crawl back.

Author — Du Dao


Intel is definitely in trouble they’ve got to get new people in there.

Author — garyseeseverything


Same as boing, it was also once run by engineers

Author — Peter


If AMD stands still it will take Intel 3 years to catch up, meanwhile Lisa Su is driving a new Lambo.

Author — warsshan


Man, , no wonder Intel lose around 20 Billions in stock

years milking profit, gone in just a snap, , ironic

Author — Z Rus


Remember the previous ceo Matthew Krzanich, he was an engineer who is the reason for the current situation of intel.

Author — Harish Madhavan


I disagree. Brian Krzanich was a "science" person and yet he started the issues we see with 10nm and 7nm with the production issues. I think Bob Swan is trying to save the company.

Author — Amil Virani


the last bit is really the key when Jim said "when they stopped having engineers and scientists run the company, and went with sales people and financial people", that was how Apple started to fall after Steve left in 1985. You can't let general managers and sales people run a tech company, the decisions have to be made by scientists and engineers, only then have the right intuition

Author — T Pf


Intel got complicit and felt they couldn't be touched. So they didn't prepare for the future. But they need to get their own 7nm process up and running because TSMC doesn't have the capacity and we don't need need TSMC having a market monopoly.

Author — Raging Monk


they sell Intel and start to buy SHLX, which declared meaty dividend for 11/03/2020

Author — B W


OMG! iNtel doesn't have inferential chips!

Author — Dale Comer


Watch game your mouth scrivener hawk f. Dam dem

Author — Randy Rogers


In my opinion intel fell for the "Nokia/blackberry" falecy they blown out competition in earlier years and stopped focusing on innovation (due to being market leaders) and instead focus on maximizing profits in determent of innovation. And now Amd just passed them on core(7mm) technology. And know intel is a lot behind (they still not full able to produce 10nm and still rely on 14 nm. And now they have no path (near term >2 years) to outpace Amd. Jim is right this time they focused on buybacks to appear more appealing to investors

Author — 1337Mauro


pawned by Cramer. When AMD get more software engineers they are going to very dead

Author — invincible ka


Jim cramer is right, any successful scientific Tech Company you need to have an Engineer or someone with a STEM background to be successful and ahead of the competition, otherwise you're just a face with no vision for the future only profits.

Author — thundrwaffle


Intel will only survive and succeed if they lower prices and offer more and more cores.

Author — Stocks for Dividends


Bob swan is paying the price of previous ceos, he is doing great job the problem he does not have time.

Author — jose valdes