Trooper who arrested NFL's Sam Montgomery fired

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Trooper who arrested NFL's Sam Montgomery fired 4
Lance Cpl. R.S. Salter, who arrested Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Sam Montgomery at a traffic stop, has been fired for violating agency policies, including conduct unbecoming of a state employee. Montgomery was caught speeding in South Carolina in June 2013 while returning to his home in Greenwood.

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Its officer discretion ...he didn't "have to take him to jail" ...he wanted to

Author — DondrellTv


Cops are a double edged sword, they can save your life or end it quickly.

Author — B


What a loser anything to write a ticket middle of nowhere.

Author — Adam D


No wonder people get shot. These cops be instructing dance moves.

Author — Thermostokulus


Im sure he was fired but then hired by the next county..thats what they do in my area

Author — Mike Lev


Sam is a class act. This officer tried everything to provoke him. SAM for president.

Author — Rae Jones


I believe that when an officer gets fired he should lose their certification and never be able to become a police office not only in the state, but the whole country.

Author — dd104121


You can tell this cop is an expert on everything. I wonder how old he was when he decided he Never wanted to learn anything ever again

Author — James Riley


Nobody can watch the this video and say Sam wasn't respectful at all times 👏👏👏 class act

Author — Mike Bassett


This nfl.player was so respectful and polite.

Author — Crystal Jung


The athlete knew he had the resources to have this sonofabitch fired lolol

Author — Magnificant Ocalan


This is the number of years this trooper gone bee fired 😂

Author — Piss Kelly


"ma'am anything over 25 is SUBJECT to arrest" that means it's a discretion call. No reason this man needed to be arrested.

Author — Mark T


I bet you wouldn't arrest Payton Manning or Tom Brady if they where going that fast

Author — Charles Evans


Just here looking for white privilege deniers.

Author — The Artist


This was like catching a big fish for him something he thought he could brag about

Author — Lakesha Hall


That cop was straight jealous lol. Asking him questions about the car doors.

Author — De’Eston Heard


He like “how long you been an officer”

Cop: 14 years

Well looks like this will be your last year

Author — Max B


Officers like this are disgrace to police.Glad he is fired

Author — Raza Ghumman


Keep your feet together...
Fart once and look at me dammit!!

Author — StonerAve Records