Myanmar camps built on destroyed Rohingya villages - BBC News

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Myanmar camps built on destroyed Rohingya villages - BBC News 4.5
The latest attempt to repatriate Rohingya refugees to Myanmar has failed after none of the 3,450 people approved to return agreed to do so. In 2017 more than 700,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar during a military operation.

The UN has described it as "textbook ethnic cleansing". Myanmar (also called Burma) has denied large-scale killings by its forces. It says it is prepared to receive large numbers of returnees. To demonstrate this they invited journalists, including the BBC, to see their facilities.

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There is no doubt that the army of terrorist Myanmar

Author — MOKTHER Hosen


The houlacast of the nazi brought terror in the eyes of the world even today the western condemn it with full hate what happened then in Mayanmar equally the same thing happened jus two years back the refugees and survivors of that massacre are living in inhuman conditions but the eyes of the world are shut

Author — Afshan Iqbal


Thanks for talking about the Rohingya crisis

Author — Ro Umar Farok


It is very sad what they did to Muslims there are so many rich Muslim counties they should give them refuge

Author — Sha Shah


BBC always have affirmative potential to show the truth among people.

Author — Be humble person


Myanmar, the world knows how rotten your country is!!

Author — Demon King


Myanmar will turn rakkhine state into an industrial powerhouse with Chinese investment.

Author — Jarrod Yuki


No matter how many days you hide, one day, one day, the world will know.

Author — Navas jr


We will never forget it!😢🇲🇲

Hey #Aung_san_suu_kyi where is democracy?

Author — Abdul baser Arakani good


I appreciate the BBC so much more now for shedding light on this important issue....#justice forrohingapeople

Author — Mujaahid Da Breo


Shame on all those who are killing or involved in killing of innocent people.

Author — Umar Pirzada Advocate


Myanmar government, forever dishonest government. Don’t ever trust in Myanmar government.

Author — Mu Klow


Thanks b.b.c...but do some complete documentary about this . Please.

Author — Anwar Sadat


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. BBC I love you with my heart and mind. Thank you 🙏 BBC showing the truth to the world.

Author — iQamar America


Can the world effort to see millions of Rohynga and their childrens are left behind.
Life is so cheap this days, no one seems to care.☹️

Author — MD. SOJIB Ahmed


sick and sickening cover up by the country ~

Author — Lincoln Fong


*Rohingyas Are being Killed Only For They Are Not Buddhist!! Is It 1900 ac?

Author — Devil Hunter


People of the world should boycott Myanmar as well as Burmese products.

Author — সালমান রহমান


Tell to the world we Muslim don't need other religions. Put the Buddhist religion in the sewerage tank. This history will forever remembered.

Author — Ramli Shafial


Ethnic violence is common in Burma. Other minority groups have seen the brutality of politicians of Burma.

Author — Just busting your balls