Media nav Evo 2 (9.1.3 windows) change to Media nav Evo 3 with CarPlay/AA ( ) Duster 8/2018

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Dacia Duster 8/2018 1.2tce 4x4 multicam...Setting in Micom...

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Buenas Andre tengo un medinad versión de software:
Mi pregunta hay alguna forma de poder ver los vídeos?

Gracias un saludo

Author — Juanan Molina


Hola, tengo la vercion 4.0.3, hay forma de actulizarlo?

Author — Matias


Hi!!!, Do you know if multicameras will work in the new unit?. Thanks in advance!!

Author — Cecilio Garcia Herreros


Bonjour, ta vidéo est super mais on voit pas sur quelle touche tu appuis pour valider une fois que tu as choisi tout ce que tu à voulu changer, l’angle de ta caméra est trop petit, peut tu me dire la dernière touche .merci

Author — Henri Mary


Thank you: is it possible on a DACIA SANDERO II 2018? If yes, what should i buy to do it?

Author — marco giai-levra


Hola, como se hace, para actualizar a Evo2??

Author — Pablo M


Hello and congratulations for de vídeo.

Can i put it in dacia Sandero 2018?

Author — Rubén Sanz Alonso


Why nobody among those testers show the snappiness / or slowness of finger touch scrolling and pinch-to-zoom in Apple Maps? This kind of hardware has often very limited computing power.

Author — flux_capacitor


Sir I have kwid 2017 but I want install camera and music spekar so please suggest me how I do ? and active both in my car

Author — JIGNESH Vyas


Que cuesta esta pantalla y como se llama

Author — Luis Alfonso Grajales Allin


I have a Renault Captur 2018 with rear camera. Can I install it? Thank you!

Author — João Belo


Pour dacia 2018, il faut changer radio model 2020?

Author — 3d modeling hamid


Zdravím.Mam Duster 2019.Dá sa tam odblokovať mapa Chorvátska? Ďík

Author — Miroslav Marko


I have a Dacia Logan MCV 2018. The Media Nav atm is the 9.1.3. Can i change like u that easily? Or i need to do something else?
All the engineers from the place i bought my car said that is impossible to do... However you have done it...

Author — Bruno Perdigão


Ještě by to chtělo video přehrávač.
Ale vzhledem k tomu, že v pozadí je WinCE, tak by to nemusel být takový problém.

Author — Pavel Suk


Can I use Android Auto in version 9...?

Author — Miguel Soriano Pulido


I have kwid amt 2018 modal not support android auto, medianav version 7.0.5

Author — Chetan Nashikkar


I have kwid 2020 facelift i want to install rear speakers

Author — Aamir Ashraf


I want to buy a screen medianav evolution 3 ?

Author — mohamedhamada10