Ping Pong from Level 1 to 100

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Ping Pong trick shots that get harder and harder! Credits to @That's Amazing for the video concept!

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These are INSANE! We probably couldn't even do level 1 😂

Author — That's Amazing


Imma gonna say this is more like level 1000! Holy crap guys. No idea how much practice or many takes it took you to accomplish all this, but amazing work nevertheless!

Author — Raymond B. Crisp


I'm absolutely amazed that all these tricks were done in the very first take. Nice work guys 😉

Author — macbitz


Even though most of these obviously took many takes, it’s still very impressive.

Author — willisverynice


About 40 years ago a friend of mine created a variation of table tennis where a empty pop can was placed on the table centerline one paddle length from the end. It created wild deflections that really improved a players reflexes. Also, if you knocked over your opponents can you won the game outright. IIRC knocking your own can over lost you the game.
He called the variant "pivous-whiss".
It was hilarious to play.

Author — Dennis Dose


I can make the same, no problem!

....I just need a ball, a racket, a table and reincarnate as a professional ping pong player.

Author — TobiAnimados


4:04 I did this level 95 trick a lot when I was a little child and my arms were short. When I could not reach the ball, I would throw the racket with a 70% success rate.

Author — sfbpq


Champions of insane table tennis tricks. As a proper player, I won't call it ping pong but you guys really open my eyes, love it. Keep up with the good work. Congrats :)

Author — Space Invader


I almost cried after the first trick shot when Emil said "Start with the basics"

Author — CricketFan 22


It actually buffled me in ping pong and chess, that they have so many levels, and those, just a level down, doesn't really have the chance against the one level higher.
I wonder, how much they have to work on one shot. They mange to look as they had doubt they will hit. Remarkable!

Author — szolanek


In my opinion I think level 10 should be a bit higher, making the ball float telepathically is a very hard skill to learn, and also then hitting it as well.

Author — Jacky Boy


I love these guys, they are so wholesome and nice

Author — 1993Nfk


I like the air that this channel emanates, they seem to me 3 friends who have a passion for Ping Pong, they are good and have fun with each other

Author — KomodinoTubesco


As much as I'm impressed by their ping pong skills. I'd like to know where do you find the red Solo cups in Europe?

Author — Mr X


You guys are like the Flying Karamazov Brothers of ping pong.

Author — TheOicyu812


This was honestly one of the best videos you guys have ever made. That subscribe trick shot was epic

Author — Truman Bares


Quite deeply impressed. These two are inhuman, incredible beings.

Author — Pramod Muraleedharan


Dont get me wrong, these guys are absolutely amazing, but show us the hours of outtakes (or more like days).

Author — Lola Hunter


Hahaha Im impressed, I dont care much about pingpong but you guys made it interesting for me! Keep it up guys.

Author — CultureClique


I feel Good skills, Great efforts, and Extra ordinary love of pingpong from the video. Thumbs up!

Author — fireman Iceman