Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 4.5

Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias.

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💬 Comments on the video

“I think I’m legally okay to say that.” Is a summary of this whole show.

Author — What Ever


And the Lord said, "Privatize until there is nothing left."

Author — Qwerty U


Are there any institutions in America that are not always on the edge of being morally compromised or totally corrupt.

Author — i minabrons


America, the richest third world country in the universe.

Author — partlycurrent


So many dumb comments saying "but MY charter school...", it's like you didn't even watch the video. It's about the large potential for abuse caused by the lack of regulation and oversight in some states. If there was a loophole in your state where you could legally get away with murder, you wouldn't be like "oh my but neighbors don't murder people so it's not a problem".

Author — Afterglow Beats


"But he who keepeth the law, happy is he"

Best comeback I have seen in a while. I hate people that misquote the Bible to justify their own stupidity.

Author — Gilhelmi


When he mentioned Franklin Academy. I used to go there it was basically hell. They boosted all our important grades by about 30 points to make sure they looked good and made me take classes over and over again even though I was making requirements. With the way they treated everything it was obvious that they just wanted money. I now go to a public school and by sophomore year I’ll be done with most of my graduating requirements

Edit: the year I left they turned it from a 6-12 to a k-12. They didn’t make the school bigger just added more kids. The buses are filled and they kicked off people that had been at the school since it opened. Classes are used by two teachers, one who goes around using a cart for their stuff and the other gets the classroom. It only gets shittier as it goes on, I heard from my friends that one of the highschool kids raped an elementary student under the bleachers...both those kids left the school and students aren’t allowed in the bleachers at all

Author — Your sleep paralysis demon


"Charter schools are basically public schools that are tax-payer funded and privately run". Nope, I can't possibly see a problem with this at all.

Author — Brandon Davidson


“Privatize everything”

— The Republican Party

Author — Vladimir Putin


Weird to see him talk about the Olsen twins as if they were twins, and not one person moving at lightning speed from one position to the other, for reasons yet unknown

Author — Renske Dunnewold


Most of these Charter schools listed in the video are much more lucky than the one I'm in currently. When they present an image on the Harambee Charter School, you can see that the school is 2, maybe even 3 stories tall. My school is on the 3rd floor of an office building. No, it doesn't have three floors, it has one. In the entire building.
Not only that, but they don't even cook the food. They heat up pre-packaged meals in, get this, _microwaves._ Yes, you heard me right.
But wait, there's more! My school claims to be an academically prestigious school that only lets in the best, and yet my classmates recieve F's on a regular basis, constantly interrupt class, and have even caused one of our science teachers to quit completely.
The staff is honestly terrible. None of them know how to teach a group of young kids even though they all have degrees. We don't even have an actual math teacher, just a long term sub who will hopefully be fired because a few weeks ago he told a groupof students they should've never been born. The English teacher has belittled and mocked one of my close friends because he has dyslexia. The science and history teachers are pretty okay, for the most part. Our physical ed coach is constantly yelling at us and threatening us, and another teacher has phsyically harmed multiple students (not very obviously, but it's still harm), including me, in which she grabbed my arm so hard she left scratch marks (from her nails) and a very sore bruise.
Take it from me, charter schools are just glorified public schools. I can't believe taxpayer money goes to piece of shit "institutions" like these when they could just as easily be going towards something much, much better.
Edit: I forgot to mention, another Charter school nearby closed last year and most if not all of their students came to our school.

Author — Jacob Finn


At my charter school, my "humanities" teacher taught us that skepticism was "wrong and judgemental" (including an insane and fake story about the skeptic society's founder), promoted his religous tenants in class, made fun of the mentally ill to a bunch of 6th graders, and promoted legally classified terrorist organizations who are the reason certain members of my family have to go to their jobs with armed guards on standbya + shut me up when I tried to say anything about the latter by getting in my face and repeating "how would you like to be judged" over and over again. He hated me for not swallowing every ounce of his bullshit and not finding his "jokes" amusing, and knew I was being bullied by almost everyone at the school, so he would frequently encourage this bullying in class.

His name was Callid Keefe Perry. Last I checked, he's now a bigwig in public education in New York, in charge of millions of innocent kids and their futures.

Fuck charter schools.

Author — Xina Moira


Well, shit. As a pregnant mother I've been looking into future schooling options for my child and a charter school seemed like a great option... But I live in Ohio and after watching this video and how unregulated Ohio charters are, I'm definitely going to do more research.

Author — Shelby


Did anyone else think that John was going to found a school in the end

Author — Ethan Fidler


I was like laughing and shocked til the end, and all of a sudden it hit me, and I couldn't laugh anymore, I'm just so sad and devastated for the kids, especially because it's the most vulnerable populations that are targeted.

Author — H K


I went to a charter middle school, we had an economics class taught by an anarcho-capitalist who told us that there should be no government, and people should band together to build their own roads

Author — Carolyn


I attended an online charter school in Ohio for my final years of High School.

Yeah... it was de-funded and closed due to misrepresenting attendance. Shocker.

Author — Jcc2224


I think the entire educational system needs to be overhauled.

Author — Steve Huff


"Education is about making money." So I guess children exist to make adults money. Why not just get right to it and get back to children working in sweatshops? Cut out the middleman as it were.

Author — David Blum


13:30 This may explain why Ohio appears to be one of the epicenters of the alt-right. Poorly educated youths are easy prey for demagoguery

Author — Gracchus Babeuf