Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 4.5
Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias.

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Did anyone else think that John was going to found a school in the end

Author — Ethan Fidler


Weird to see him talk about the Olsen twins as if they were twins, and not one person moving at lightning speed from one position to the other, for reasons yet unknown

Author — Renske Dunnewold


I will dropout of my current school just to attend the John Oliver Academy for Nervous Boys

Author — LemonadepieX


went to a charter in TX, and here's a few things I didn't realize werent "normal" about school until I graduated:
-large groups of staff quitting at once
-cafeteria regularly running out of food
-principal quitting and taking the banner software with him, accidentally erasing credits
-new principal never being on campus except for board meetings.
I did get a good ed. for the most part, but my god it was a huge shitshow the rest of the time

Author — Qtpi4


Well, shit. As a pregnant mother I've been looking into future schooling options for my child and a charter school seemed like a great option... But I live in Ohio and after watching this video and how unregulated Ohio charters are, I'm definitely going to do more research.

Author — Shelby


What is the American obsession that EVERYTHING has to be run like a business and make a profit?

Author — John Westcott


"Charter schools are basically public schools that are tax-payer funded and privately run". Nope, I can't possibly see a problem with this at all.

Author — Brandon Davidson


To be fair as John Oliver knows Mary Kate did not plagiarize her sister's face, because they are only one person moving really really fast.

Author — Sean Quigley


Did John Oliver just admit there ARE two Olsen twins?

Author — M C


And the Lord said, "Privatize until there is nothing left."

Author — Qwerty U


It's kind of like private prisons but school.

Author — Joseph Tedros


I was like laughing and shocked til the end, and all of a sudden it hit me, and I couldn't laugh anymore, I'm just so sad and devastated for the kids, especially because it's the most vulnerable populations that are targeted.

Author — H K


Are there any institutions in America that are not always on the edge of being morally compromised or totally corrupt.

Author — i minabrons


Most of our practices in health and education are considered criminal in most other democracies... with good reason.

Author — pop5678eye


“I think I’m legally okay to say that.” Is a summary of this whole show.

Author — What Ever


"Education is about making money." So I guess children exist to make adults money. Why not just get right to it and get back to children working in sweatshops? Cut out the middleman as it were.

Author — David Blum


And this is what Devos continues to make money on.

Author — J Paterson


For profit charter schools were abandoned in Sweden.

Author — Max Headrom


I attended an online charter school in Ohio for my final years of High School.

Yeah... it was de-funded and closed due to misrepresenting attendance. Shocker.

Author — Jcc2224


I can't stand charter schools... we need to fund our public schools!!!

Author — Alexis Encarnacion