**VERY LOW GO-AROUND** British Airways Airbus A380-841 [G-XLEH] at YVR

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**VERY LOW GO-AROUND** British Airways Airbus A380-841 [G-XLEH] at YVR 5

Awesome Go-Around for this British Airways A380 coming in to Vancouver. Looks like she may have flared a little too early, and ended up floating before going around. What an impressive BEAST!! This is a definite must watch!! Second attempt was successful :)

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When to go around : go around when you hear

Author — Joulewrecker


Couldn't afford to land. Prices went up during final approach into Vancouver.

Author — Jett Rink


The captain doesn't land until he has finished his cup of earl grey tea!

Author — ZK Aviation


" Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking....remember how we said we were landing on time..."

Author — Captain Calculus


Nice catch! I was sitting on that plane coming in from LHR (over the wings, lower section); Never experienced a go-around before, let alone on as big a plane. people (including flight attendants) were pretty surprised - but everyone was very calm. Co-pilot explained the maneuver and that we'd go around again, landing 10 minutes later with no problems. He didn't actually mention the reason for the aborted landing, just that the last time he did it for real (not in a simulator), was 7 years ago. Interesting to see how close to the ground we were!

Author — Carsten Kolve


Pilot: 50..30..20..10..10..30..50 were climbing again captain
Air Traffic:You had one job
Me:that plane soo dirty it so shy to land because hes gonna be teased by other planes

Author — Cinder


the pilot was told over the radio that his mistresses husband was in the terminal

Author — mike watte


I remember that sound, when we landed in Manila, Philippines. The runways is indeed short there, and may be the case here. You never forget that sound

Author — King Kano World Media


That final thrust induction at 00:24 have sent the plane into Ground Effect. Second attempt was managed much better

Author — ehsan83


I have only just seen the video, I was on that flight and the aircrew took it as something they do every day, they were very calm, but never explained why.

Author — Robert G


ATC: “British airways go around!!”

Captain: “HUHHH?”

ATC: “Go around!”

Captain: “Oh alright.”

*takeoffs again*

Author — Burnaby Emergency Photography


Captain to First Officer: OK, you've now discovered two things: Ground-effect, and Vancouver is ten feet lower.

Author — Nobilangelo Ceramalus


Nicely done!! I see that you shot this from what I call "Runway Beach." I love that spot and I can't wait to get myself some shots of the A380 real soon!!

Author — Justin Jadunath


RIP earphones! Awesome video man, liked and subbed :)

Author — Canadian Plane Spotter


Wow, that's pretty rare, especially an A380 at YVR, good stuff!! 08L must have been a little too short for a super landing long

Author — Tyler S.


My two cents: That did not look like an early flair. I had to watch and listen about four times...listening for changes in the pitch of the engine whine and I am pretty sure I heard a slight power up in the flair. It is certainly possible that he could have been caught in ground effect, but the technique for landing an Airbus (any Airbus for that matter) is flair to about 5 degrees at 30 feet as you pull off the power and the mains will settle onto the runway and you do not derotate until weight is on wheels..otherwise the landing is anything but kind to your back.

Any kind of power applied will cause the airplane to not sink and the slight nose down applied kept the airplane at a very precise distance above the runway. If ground effect and wind were causing this, I think we'd see more pronounced pitch oscillations to work the mains onto the runway or, in the alternative, an immediate application of TOGA power to get out of a possible runway overrun...the A380 typically takes a good deal of runway to get stopped as it doesn't apply all its reversers to slow itself down.

I could be wrong, but it took a lot of watching and listening to come to this conclusion...I've never seen an A380 float like that...A330...yes...but an A380 is a beast and the second you pull off the power, it will sink like the big brick (with wings) that it is...

Author — David Lamb


This is not called a “low go around”, but a rejected landing”

Author — alain casartelli


This video really shows the scale of this beast. Great capture!

Author — Steven Walker


I can hear the claps and loud yayys from inside the plane

Author — Karan Thakur


When the plane climbs the go around starts I know because I am a pilot

Author — Transport In Scotland