🇷🇺 Russian elections: Putin expected to win fourth term as president | Al Jazeera English

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🇷🇺 Russian elections: Putin expected to win fourth term as president | Al Jazeera English 4

Polls have opened in Russia's presidential election, which is widely expected to hand Vladimir Putin a fourth term in power - meaning he could lead the country until 2024.

According to Russia's constitution, no president can run beyond two consecutive terms, but it is unclear who will emerge to replace Putin.

Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee reports from Moscow.

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Ah yes, the Russian "election". I wonder who will win...

Author — Charles Lux


Al Jazeera should be banned in every nation for false reporting.I hope their reporter stay in Egyptian prison forever.

Author — dfgrh frhhg


This video is paid by whole or part of the Qatari government.

Author — Explicit Tech


I think 'expected' is a bit of an understatement...

Author — Aaron Colusso


Putin all good resolve to laza benefits forever

Author — Ludu


Indeed, I have to say Putin is highly good at keeping Russia paid attention to by myriad countries especially US.

Author — Mae Borowski


Killing your adversaries pays dividends.

Author — roof pizza


The golden Yuan + crypto currency is going to bring middle east oil to Russian boards + seriously devalue the petro dollars use. Chinas string of pearls trading route will soon be secure with the developing islands. Chinas also based in Pakistan, just waiting for the US to skip an Iran deal payment.

Author — Noneshere


The greatest leader of our life time and he is on our side, We the people, Long live mr Putin. All the best.

Author — Kostas 555


After watching lots of MSM media I have this feelings that they are not trying to make putin lose the election really BUT trying to make the election itself looks ilegitimate. ah well whatever if putin is actually really strong it doesn't matter even if west hate him, but if he is weak then he will be overthrown by the west with some colour revolution perhaps.

Author — Ron Ron


AJ is lying as usual. Putin said that it would be his last term and he would not seek to change constitution. Putin, in contrast with hapless US stooges in EU governments,  is keeping his word.

Author — Joshua Paul


Congratulations Putin...Congratulations Russia..I can´t imagine Russia without Putin, and I can´t imagine the whole world without Putin..Who else will put USA and Britain their place...Lol

Author — BobsArtGallery


Good bots, very good. Babushka needs healthcare, so spam them comments! Every ruble needed for good vodka, too.

Author — nik faizal


Welcome to the club, mr. „President”.
Vladimir Putin, Russia 2000 - ...
Paul Biya, Cameroon, 42 years
Teodoro Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea, 38 years
Denis Nguesso, Republic of the Congo, 33 years
Yoweri Museveni, Uganda, 32 years
Omar al-Bashir, Sudan, 28 years
Idriss Deby, Chad, 27 years
Isiais Afwerki, Eritrea, 26 years
Paul Kagame, Rwanda, 23 years

Author — Александр Тараданов


This presenter is trying so hard to demonize Russia. What hostility to the west? Give me one example, I will counter you back 20.

Author — AmberJack


Breaking news Foul play the CIA rigged the Russian elections n Mr Putin the Great won who will be next? could be the man the west "loves the best" to make them ALL wish it was Mr Putin again welcome the new 2023 Russian president Mr Zhirinoski n his unbeatable unstoppable nuclear powered nuclear armed Russian cruise n ICBMs missiles that is if we are not all blown up b4 then

Author — polygamous1 Sozou


Putin does not care about Russia, most people in Russia live in poverty.

Author — Mino Re


GOD bless you mr. Putin. The world community is happy that you are in this world.👍👍👍👏👏👏

When Mr. Putin is reelected for six years more, the west will not suffer from Russiaphobia alone, they will suffer from Putinphobia as well. Its time for a psychologist. Hahaha.🤣😂😜

Author — Eduard Caupa


Russia does little but get poorer and make a big noise in the media. I'm not impressed.

Author — E K


Russian policy is one man show, US has advantage because it is countries policy which works no matter whoever takes the presidency. Now this is the last term for the Putin, it will be interested to see who will carry this legacy, otherwise Russia will find it difficult in the international arena.

Author — Raushan Zameer