GTA Online Destroying 3 Oppressor Mark 2 Griefers With A Fully Loaded Ruiner!

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GTA Online Destroying 3 Oppressor Mark 2 Griefers With A Fully Loaded Ruiner! 4.5

Me fighting 3 Oppressor Mark 2 spammers and winning the fight. I used the ruiner 2000 from fully loaded and the Stromberg later. I got the inspiration for this strategy from my friend GhillieMaster. Here is a link to his channel and video on the topic.

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Using the oppressor as a means of transport is great but to use it against other players who are grinding for money and minding their own business is just sad

Author — Lil Obama


Greifer: *kills and destroys your vehicles 10, 000 times*
Rockstar: *does nothing*
The Professional: * kills greifer one time*
Rockstar: BaD sPoRt!

Author — Drifter 37


You know they're trash when
- they run in a pack
- take the easy way out
- on a mk ll

Author — Thotality


Can we appreciate this guy just how he destroyed 3 griefers by himself and made them quit. ah man this is satisfying

Author — Fester Vain


Oppressor: *exists*
The professional: denied

Author — Sanatorium Nugget


This is what happens when the nice guy in class finally snaps 😂

Author — Sanctions Fury


Imagine an update for the interaction menu where EWO counts as a death, those MF will stop bragging on KD when they drop like flies.

Author — YouTube Demonetized


The Griefers won’t lose their virginity in real life so they take their anger out on other ppl

Author — Kevin Bright


It seems like these guys don't understand that countermeasures exist.
"Oh, a missile!" *EWO*

Author — Ryzard


So everyone's shopping list includes:
Ruiner 2000

Author — Christian Cruz


"so guys something crazy happened to me - some random people attacked me in GTA for no reason"
So nothing crazy, just a normal day in GTA lol

Author — Noah Beier


He's like the John Wick of GTA Online. His businesses being the dog, And the mk2 greifers are those guys who killed his dog lol.

Author — Aashish Badami


imagine being scared by a grinder with some jumpy car

Author — Vince Tielen


When you drive an OP Bike covered in missiles going the speed of sound and get destroyed by a car made for the water

Author — Dr. ASS BLASTER


Drinking game idea: Take a shot everytime the professional says "Easy way out"

Author — Janishjit Singh Bedi


“He never raised his voice, that was the worst thing. The fury, of the time lord. And then we discovered why. Why this doctor who had fought with gods and demons, why he had run away from us and hidden...he was being kind”.

Author — KiritsuguEmiya


Wow, you can really see that he’s holding in his anger while commentating! Respect man ✊🏾 We gotta stop them griefers!



Imagine being so insecure about your KD

Couldn’t be me

Author — Ariel Flores


Probably 12 year olds that got shark cards for their birthdays

Author — Felix Yi


I only use my oppressor mk2 to get around the map and protect people when they do missions.

Author — Sebastian Lopez