Pakistan foreign minister discusses India and Kashmir

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Pakistan foreign minister discusses India and Kashmir 2.5
The foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, has talked to Al Jazeera about India's revocation of Indian-administered Kashmir's autonomy.
He warns of potential, severe consequences for the Kashmiri people as a result of the move.
Qureshi also insisted Pakistan was seeking a diplomatic solution to what could turn into a major crisis.
Al Jazeera's Osama bin Javaid reports from Muzaffarabad.


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It's funny how a media based on middle east is talking about human rights and genocide 😂😂 Irony at it's best 🤣

Author — Gargie


If Kashmir issues is bilateral then how can Pak give China cpak rout through Kashmir and chunk of land from pok with out conserning india

Author — devesh pandey


Now I understood why saudi, UAE & other countries banned al Jazeera

Author — Game099


Im from kashmir.
I love india.
Finally we will get jobs in our own land.

Author — Joshuan Campbell


What about genocide during nineties of Kashmiri pandits. That time there were no concern from Pakistan.

Author — a bhandari


autocrat funded aljazeera....preaching democracy....superb.( first of all think ways to get in peace with your neighbors qatar)

Author — Kailas Raj


Al-jazeera going all out for Pakistanis haha

Author — Ring Neck


How miserable the pak foreign minister. No support from friends and World organisation. Spoke for 20 min to let us know no country supports pak.

Author — Juggler


After Balakot strikes, Pakistan allowed international media more than 10 days, now this guy says no journalism allowed.

Author — Krishna Rawooth


World know that....
Pakistan terrorist manufacturing company...
Even Osama bin Laden manufactured in Pakistan...

Author — Sathish Enagandula


That was a very good move by India, first stand to reclaim there land that was occupied by Pakistan .

Author — Mike Paul


The video clip is in pok. The flags are pok flag and Pakistan flag. It has been videoed in pok or Pakistan ans is being shown as picture of j&k

Author — Deepanjan Chakravorty


U can't do anything Mr uncle.
Just sit and relax

Author — sync 101


Aljazeera is champion of fake news, Has aljazeera reported about Saudi princess. Hippocrates

Author — nitin singh


What a beautiful Fake accent to present lies and deceit.

Author — Diptesh Naik


QURESHI-Aah aah aah i want to fart..
Journalist- no you can't

Author — RAMO Vevo


I bet there is somewhere a cartoon showing Imran Khan pointing a gun to the side of his own head saying: GIVE ME KASHMIR OR I SHOOT. I am dying to find that cartoon somewhere; anyone has a clue where to find it?

Author — stardust42311


Modji might give up Kashmir. We will never back up. We r In fact crazier.

Author — pritam gogoi


Why is Al Jazeera interviewing joker of my govt?

Author — Aloof! lisa


What about the genocide happening in Baloochistan and Gilgit Baltistan

Author — ashish srivastva