Pakistan foreign minister discusses India and Kashmir

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Pakistan foreign minister discusses India and Kashmir 2.5
The foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, has talked to Al Jazeera about India's revocation of Indian-administered Kashmir's autonomy.
He warns of potential, severe consequences for the Kashmiri people as a result of the move.
Qureshi also insisted Pakistan was seeking a diplomatic solution to what could turn into a major crisis.
Al Jazeera's Osama bin Javaid reports from Muzaffarabad.


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It's funny how a media based on middle east is talking about human rights and genocide 😂😂 Irony at it's best 🤣

Author — Todd Chavez


Now I understood why saudi, UAE & other countries banned al Jazeera

Author — Game099


After Balakot strikes, Pakistan allowed international media more than 10 days, now this guy says no journalism allowed.

Author — Krishna Rawooth


autocrat funded aljazeera....preaching democracy....superb.( first of all think ways to get in peace with your neighbors qatar)

Author — Kailas Raj


If Kashmir issues is bilateral then how can Pak give China cpak rout through Kashmir and chunk of land from pok with out conserning india

Author — devesh pandey


U can't do anything Mr uncle.
Just sit and relax

Author — sync 101


Why is Al Jazeera interviewing joker of my govt?

Author — Aloof! lisa


How miserable the pak foreign minister. No support from friends and World organisation. Spoke for 20 min to let us know no country supports pak.

Author — Juggler


Al-jazeera going all out for Pakistanis haha

Author — Ring Neck


What about genocide during nineties of Kashmiri pandits. That time there were no concern from Pakistan.

Author — a bhandari


World know that....
Pakistan terrorist manufacturing company...
Even Osama bin Laden manufactured in Pakistan...

Author — Sathish Enagandula


Ask him, who will believe protector of Osama Bin landin

Author — Paninder B


The video clip is in pok. The flags are pok flag and Pakistan flag. It has been videoed in pok or Pakistan ans is being shown as picture of j&k

Author — Deepanjan Chakravorty


What about the genocide happening in Baloochistan and Gilgit Baltistan

Author — ashish srivastva


Pakistan considers Osama Laden as freedom fighter too. Can someone explain how Laden was living in Pakistan for 10 years?

Author — Taklahhai Taklabhai


That was a very good move by India, first stand to reclaim there land that was occupied by Pakistan .

Author — Mike Paul


Aaaaa only aaaa nothing else in his interview.

Author — Smart Baba


You demand to lift the curfew...dude u can't demand a thing..see your financial condition..u r the beger of world

Author — Navneet Kaushal


Thank you for this interview.
As a European, I'm glad to have heard the Pakistani government's position.

Author — republicofsandals


Jaise balakot me inhone bada allow kiya tha media ko😂😂

Bc porky ek mahine k bad le gaye the media ko

Author — Nilesh N