Heroes of Newerth - Siege Golum Pebbles Avatar Spotlight

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Heroes of Newerth 3.8.1

New Steamworks Pebbles Avatar: Siege Golum Pebbles

Tork requested the warrior known only as ‘Flux’ come to the City of Iron so he could discover how he is able to control gravity so freely. Flux, having a great respect for Tork, agreed and after months of tireless work they were able to harness a semblance of control over gravity in the form of grav-orbs, small spheres with the power to push or pull like Flux. Using these orbs to clean up wreckage from a recent battle, Tork had a stroke of genius. He quickly reprogrammed the orbs and before long created a towering giant made from the rubble of war, a Siege Golem with the sole purpose of raining chaos upon Hellbourne fortifications

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Can you show A.R.M.S avatar set please

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ร่างนี้ไม่ค่อยอยากได้ แต่มีซ้ะงั้น -*-"

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