Outer bands of Hurricane Florence rock North Carolina coast

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Outer bands of Hurricane Florence rock North Carolina coast 4.5
Griff Jenkins reports on the water surge at Atlantic Beach.

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God bless America. Praying for you from South Africa

Author — michael Van De Venter


Come on guys leave politics out of this. No matter what party affiliation these are people in danger of losing everything they have including their lives. It's time to come together and love your fellow man. I wish everyone the best and hope they stay safe.

Author — Phil Connors


It’s not time for politics! People talking crap, when they’re not even going through this kind of misery! Idiots!

Author — Rob Thorne


Thank you to all the Volunteer First Responders who have come to NC from all over the United States.
Stay Safe!

Author — Roc Calumera


That the allmighty GOD have mercy of all People of North Carolina and other states.

Author — Rafy Colon Hernandez


Please god protect the beautiful people of America who are about to be beaten up again ~~the world 🌎 is praying for you, GOD SPEED! Thoughts and prayers 🇺🇸❌⭕️❌

Author — SixRings One Brady


America will prevail, good luck my fellow Americans and God bless. We'll be down their next week to help you pick up the pieces. United we stand.

Author — jreg0028


As a Houstonian, we pray for North Carolina and the surrounding cities for safety this weekend. ❤️

Author — D T


So glad it downgraded to a Cat 2. They were saying it would hit as a Cat 4 or 5. Be safe y'all!

Author — Wendy Roman


ANTIFA anti Trump rally on that pier tomorrow morning!

Author — Jay Dee


If it was me I’d be gone let the insurance companies handle it

Author — Back Gambit


What is really weird to see is when water in canals and beaches get sucked out. Irma did that here in FL.

Author — reinfree


That's some pretty good wind proof mic!!!

Author — A P


Texas: “this is the biggest storm ever!”
Florida: “hold my beer”

Author — SUPER Spicy Memes


Is really like it if the deep state would stop spreading Chemtrails so we could see regular weather at some point this year.

Author — Mike Corleone


Lord please keep everyone there safe, pleas let the storm calm down, 🙏❣🙏❣🙏❣

Author — annihilated, but coming back


Luke 21:25
Then there will be signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars, and in the earth anguish of the people, confused by the roar of the sea and the waves

Author — Raul De Sevilla


Omg that's bad already please stay safe

Author — Martine Whitear


Not gonna lie surfing right now would be insane

Author — Rob VQ


Ohhh shit!! May God protect the people there!

Author — brasileiroamerica