Staggering Number Of Fires Ravaging Amazon Rainforest | NBC Nightly News

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Staggering Number Of Fires Ravaging Amazon Rainforest | NBC Nightly News 4.5

Three weeks of raging fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are setting off alarm bells around the world, with so much smoke that it can be seen from space. Brazil’s space agency reports that there have been almost 73,000 fires throughout the country since January, an 83 percent increase over the last year.

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Staggering Number Of Fires Ravaging Amazon Rainforest | NBC Nightly News

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its funny how it took a day for this to blow up on the internet for them to decide to post about it

Author — Michael sorooshian


Coral reef is dying and now the Amazon is burning. One day were slowly going to start choking to death. There is an evil on this earth and its perpetuating a mass genocide

Author — Justin Granstaff


Our God warned us. We refuse to listen
The Indians warned us. We refuse to listen.
The animals warned us. We refuse to listen.
Is it too late to listen?

Author — Angel Reed


You're telling me this has been happening for 3 weeks but we found out 3 hours ago

Author — Chimchim Loona


I wonder how the indigenous people of the Amazon are doing with all the fires going on.

Author — Jj Ricks


Imagine south America turning into a desert climate

Author — Polo Life


After Facebook, now the news wants to cover it. Credibility has been show so many times and some. #fakenewsnetwork

Author — E M-D


at least the news picked up on this after 3 *weeks*

Author — SenpaiDentai


Man if i can do anything just to stop that fire down, i would

Author — Janz Steel


Congratulations to the regular people who shared the news of the fire in Twitter and Facebook so main stream media could find out this was happening. Because we shared the news as soon as we heard it, 15 days later is because these people are now talking about it (17 days later). It is our voice that can make the difference.

Just a reminder the fires in the Amazon are intentional. It's not a forest type of situation. It's an intentional setting ablaze of forest by the fascist Brazilian govt and agrobusiness and ranching oligarchs. Wording matters. Don't hide who is doing this and why.

Time to change how we eat, don't consuming meat so ranchers stop gaining money from these lands. These lands that are being destroyed for soy, cattle mining.

Millions of acres that are the home of plants (natural medicine), animals that are as already without fires close to extinction, and tribes that are still holding on to their cultural survival.

These tribes had won a battle in the Brazilian court to save millions of acres only to have them on fire 2 weeks laters. Not a coincidence.

The president, allegedly, sold 15 millions acres as soon as he went into office. Fired the dept that protects the Amazon. Did next to nothing to put out the fire. And has lessen the regulations for construction in the Amazon. Successfully silenced the media for 2 weeks.

The Amazon is a vital part of the Planet's ecosystem. THE PLANET!!!

Author — water, fire wind, earth


🙁 McDonald's used to cut it down for farming cattle years ago I had thought that practice was lessened. Be nice if they had more fighterfighters.

Author — Anna Vajda


Farmers started it. Ok so the farmers in the amazon thought that burning the trees would be better and so that they can grow more.

Author — Giovanni.


rainforest burning down. Let's give them a 1 min 30 second story.. Trump tweets and they talk about it for weeks.. and if this was 2 months ago, NBC would be blaming Trump and Russia for the fires.

Author — Knowledge Will Increase


*Maybe Trump can go and help sweep the floor of the rainforest?*

Author — Philosopher of Nonsense


If it's not about trump they won't report on it till social media makes it such a thing where nbc cant ignore

Author — Chris Higuera


Greed will always be the cause of the end of man, i hope the brazilians wake up and take action

Author — bada ya uri wa gachi nora


when purchasing food, check to see its from Brazil and dont purchase if it is.
Hit these morons where it hurts them the most. Their pockets.

Author — dot com


Wow, took news outlets this long to push this story out. Still not gonna be front page. I hate media

Author — Dingo2031


Thanks for finally reporting on this after 3 bloody weeks. Really staying up to date on world changing events aren't you

Author — Dale Whyte


It’s been two week now u guys are reporting

Author — omar o