A Mixed Review Of Wolford Neon 40's

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

This is my genuine opinion, no sponsorships. A follow up part two video to my previous Wolford Review. The first was my positives, and now for my more mixed opinions.

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💬 Comments

They look amazing on you, definitely worth the expense

Author — anothervu


The Wolford Neon 40's just catch my eye for some reason Love the black sheer and tan brown ones. Would love to see you do a bodystocking try on wearing some of the black fishnet kind

Author — incognito one


L'eggs energy graduated compression opaque-to-waist tights are the best. Lots of spandex for a super awesome fit and they are like silk. I'm gender non-conforming so I wear skirts with tights all throughout the fall and winter.

Author — Christopher Youngbeck


Love the detached mannerism of this Goddess. Stimulating.

Author — David Ellis


У вас красивое лицо, красивые волосы, красивая фигура и очень красивые ноги. Эротичные колготки и элегантные туфли.Мне кажется, богиня древности Афродита выглядела так же прекрасно, как вы.♥️💐💐💐

Author — Связной Связной


I have been wanting to get some of these for my wife. The shinier, the sexier. I love wearing them myself but alas, wearing them myself freaks her out. Oh well.

Author — Billy Vance


I love the wolfords, they look amazing on you

Author — Matthew Derickson


Love the way your thigh's curves are showed off by the sheer black tights!

Author — Anders Avocet


You make this one of the best you tube stations around

Author — Richard Fondriest


40 denier tights, regardless of shade, are great for warmth and durability, but sexy and sensual they are not. Wolford Satin Touch 20's, or even better, Sheer 15's are where it's at for me.

Author — George Camus


My favorite pair is anything you're wearing

Author — Steven Moffettone


You are so Gorgeous no matter what outfit you are wearing 🌹

Author — Medo Dido


Its crazy to see someone else that likes tights. I wish i could meet you

Author — Heath Larrimore


Seems much less shine compared to the skin color

Author — joe radioman


Very Formal discussion: like talking to my accountant or something

Author — Private Confidential


did you say "woolfart" by mistake? lol

Author — Jack


💘💘💘 I am a man I adore your stocking-clad legs and feet, such a babe and that voice my God my Love !!! 😍

Author — GR-K K-life is beautiful with you


head spinning, totally a-swoon!💖💖 I'm sorry, were you saying something, Lucid...?

Author — Hootiebird61


Why are you so uncomfortable saying the word "Pantyhose"

Author — tclarke971