The Battery Revolution. Ultra Fast Charging

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The Battery Revolution. Ultra Fast Charging 5
Representing the battery breakthrough that is ready to commercialize and promises much more battery capacity for our smartphones and electric vehicles and extremely fast charging. So, the price of electric vehicles will be very close and even lower than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles very soon to provide a clean and quiet future.


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If the price of electric vehicles be the same or even lower than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, would You go electric or will the ICE be preferable option in any way?

Author — Future Lab


I already am driving electric. I will never, ever buy another gas car again.

Author — 77magicbus


Graphene is the way to go in the near future.

Author — Jakub Smejkal


Bye-bye criminal oil states! OPEC you're history!

Author — Tarzan


We should have went to the solid-state battery decades ago. Greed stopped that from happening.

Author — Scott Wilson


"Representing the battery breakthrough that is ready to commercialize..."
- Everybody ever

I believe it when I see it. I'm not sure that there will be a revolution, but evolution will be enough.

Author — Todestuete


Excellent job in updating us on the future of battery tech - Thank you for compiling and narrating

Author — Lossy Lossnitzer


when, when? always this 20 years down the road. put this stuff out now, i want my 15k dollar car driving 500 miles on a charge and slower electric businessclass airplane seats now. thx :)

Author — FrankValchiria


Fossil fuel’s are renewable it just takes a really long time

Author — Bruno TaTa


This will create jobs.. Save earth. Save our children from Stop war on We need electric cars, bus, train and And electricity by solar and nuclear ⚛

Author — Real world


The bike company should produce some better battery for this electric bikes for more range, then everyone want to buy this new technology !

Author — Marciel Luta


Already switched, and I'll never own an ICE vehicle again.

Author — Richard Alexander


We will need far more public recharge points in our car parks and on-street parking. There are millions of people who live in homes with no drive, off-road or garage space.

Author — JE Hoyes


Hail the most efficient commuter - the electric bicycle.

Author — shmadmanuts


Music 10/10
Pictures And images 10/10
Understandable text 10/10
Great Video you got a sub

Author — K R


The world : we're getting off fossil fuels

United States : let's drill!!!!

Author — ryguyiskindofaflyguy


I just hope oil companies stay out of this, and accept the future even if there money is on the line.

Author — Nedra Paul


Just wait until electric cars are "all the go" and see Govt increase charges because fuel revenue will have gone out the window.

Author — john brown


I don't think you will need to ban ICE cars. EV's will win over just for being better. Did we have to ban film cameras for digital to take over or did we have to ban video rental stores for streaming to take off? Yes I know they still make film camera which are used by enthusiast.

Author — Jefff


Exemplary video - informative, to-the-point and concise. Keep up the good work!

Author — Thomas M