The Worst AR Season of My LIFE — Aether Raids November 28 [FEH]

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This season was pretty historical for me. I managed to pull a S!Edelgard on DSH with very few orbs (never mind the fact I pulled from Ganglöt afterwards and had to spark her), so I was finally able to put together my first Galeforce team, which also happens to be my first Light team that is not a bundle of random stuff and Mythics! It has S!Edelgard, B!Chrom, Askr, F!Ninian and Peony. Pretty standard, but it didn’t take me that many resources, and they work decently against most teams so… I also got from tier 21 (first time, yay!) to tier 24 just this season, so I’m satisfied.

Author — Asmont Osborne


I had a few rough matches this week, but overall turned out well. I even have an anti-yune unit which I hope I can use more. Also not sure if you know now or not, but Seliph attacked Dagr both times so you were getting her buffs 😔

Author — Rabbit of Valla


This season felt particularly rough. Luckily defense held up well enough for me to stay in vault, but I ended with ZERO ladders. Turns out throwing an easy match into a much harder one is still a true combo.

Author — NeoSwordsmanZ


I was actually down to 0 ladders on the last day too, since my AR-O teams weren't at their best with bonus Freyja. I was lucky enough to get an easy rematch from my one defense loss and made it to T39 without sacking my units.

Author — BlutgangHer0


I’ve also had to learn the hard way that Rhea loses to Seliph 😭

Author — IcedCoffey195


I did not in fact make it this normal weekend. I am currently watching this video from the Aether vault, the cell reception is phenomenal today. Keep up the good work!

Author — Quatroman The fourth


Last season my main team is also savior based, and I was too lazy to build more teams. And then I just fell to T23..
So this season I decided to do offense in more player phase...
Nukes are becoming more and more powerful these days

Author — Yifeng Wang


You need a pocket strategy with Pulse Tie users for AR-O.

Author — Chuck Zuzak


Today was bad for me. I had no ladders and had to take a win with 4 allies dead just to stay in Vault this week... darn you Bridal Catria.

Author — Tronic


IS revealing Embla: This is your worst AR season so far
I think it's too late to tell you they have a rally/dance trap to enable triangle...oh nvm seems Catria had the wrong rally

Author — F LK


0:48 Levin looks like his channel avatar

Author — D4NCEdemon


Seliph got me like that too in astra season.

Author — Rome


Well least you still maintained vault there.

Author — Josh R


oh, dont get to worked up, I had some of the most dumb mistakes Ive made on AR on our last astra season, and ended the season using 3 ladders on the last day, fortunately still kept the vault too, we all have our ups and downs, and you also kept the vault which is what honestly matters the most, plus youve pulled off some incredible wins before and have nothing to prove.

honestly Seliph is the real reason I summoned for both Flame Lyn(for light season) and R!Grima(for astra season), you really need to outspeed him or he will absolutely kill you, I tested with every single near save unit I have and the best ones can barely survive 1 encounter, its the miracle + NFU that does it, really complicated to play around the guy

Author — fjveca


Yune gaming is the worst, but also the best

Author — Tony B