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Ink Master's first female winner, Ryan Ashley, was certainly a big part of our YouTube this year, and you guys seemed to love her too! Here's some of her best moments as well as some bloopers and some never before seen footage of Ryan.

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She's one of the few people who can be covered in 90% tattoos and make them seem like they're natural, and that she's just a regular person.

Author — ahab


The way she articulates, and expresses herself is beautiful.

Author — EricArts


Tattoo artists see themselves with out tattoos would be such a cool video

Author — Julia ___


“Tattoos don’t all have a story” well said, I noticed once I started getting more and more work done I would just get shit because I think it looks cool. Pretty much any of the stuff I get now has no meaning, it’s just something that’s going to look good.

Author — EX7RUD1CON


"I'm trying to tattoo Lana Del Rey because I feel like I know what she would want" LANAAAA PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN

Author — Samurai Boba Fett


Honestly tho, I'm so freaking gay for Ashley

Author — Emma Kalkman


She is a mother now 🥺🥺So happy for her

Author — Tanushree Dowarah


She makes a great point about the whole "tattoos for yourself" thing. I want my first tattoo to be for myself.

Author — Ella Nutella


imagine being this talented and beautiful what a life

Author — evabobeva


Ryan “I quit smoking 24 hours ago” Ashley

Author — GODdrinksPEPSI


I met her at a tattoo convention, she was pretty cool and chill. After she took pics, she got in her zone and started tattooing. She's really pretty in person too.

Author — Phoenixx Rose


4:49 Very wise words.
As someone with no tattoos, this really changed my perspective. Been considering getting tattoos for a long time, but never have been able to come up with something significant or important enough to put on my body. Hearing this completely changed my outlook.

Author — Fries


3:20 how can she be so cute and look so badass at the same time jesus

Author — JB Manalac


Sick video. More ryan Ashley solo videos.

Author — Mike Ross


I wanna hear that murdered client story. lol

Author — BodhiZaffa


Everybody: Cigarettes are bad.
Ryan Ashley: Promotes smoking

Author — I’m halal btw


Omg, she said she had anxiety every time she left the house and had to prepare mentality for strangers to talk. I literally do this every moment of my life and it sucks but I feel a little more comfortable knowing someone who I look up to so much has a problem that I also have. Thank you so much, Ryan.

Author — Why So Serious


Ryan and Arlo and married now... Time flies! I can see the spark man 💕

Author — Carmel's Memoir Garden


Damn. She is truly a piece of art, inside out. From head to toe. Amazing person.

Author — Kestrel993


I am such a huge fan of Ryan’s. Every time I see a video with her I like her even more. She seems so authentic and genuine, which are rare qualities in this day and age. Hope see plenty more video with her.

Author — Just Me