How to use Mole or Vice grips #1928

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Another of the new 'Basic Skills' family of short videos. This time focusing on using Mole Grips. Often mates will come over and help out in the workshop which is great. If its their first time 'on the tools' its often the case that I need to show them how to use Mole Grips, as they are a little more complicated than most 'tool box tools' and something we regularly use, so if you too are a little 'unsure' how to use them and rather than just avoid them as they are really, really useful, here's a short video explaining how to get to 'grips' with Mole grips!

These 'Basic Skills' videos are NOT meant to be a decisive, all encompassing, training video on teaching you all the various aspects of professional skills, no, not in the slightest!

Its a short video showing the basics giving you a starting point on how its done, the tools you need and a few tips along the way...

Any questions then please leave them in the comments section below and I'll do my best to get back to you asap...

Andy Mechanic!

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Mole grips are the most under rated tools in my opinion they got me out of many situations when i was now using them for blacksmithing a lot cheasper than blacksmiths tongs

Author — Granville Bennet


Thank you for posting and detailed explanation. Cheers from California.

Author — Matt KA


Thanks! All my years of DIY I always did it the hard way with a pair of pliers and a tight grip.

Author — Glenn Basham


Anyone that dont know how to use vice grips, well they dont need a tool in their hand anyways..

Author — Pete391