Graham reveals Trump's possible Bolton replacements

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Graham reveals Trump's possible Bolton replacements 4
President Trump ousts National Security Adviser John Bolton over disagreements on Iran, Afghanistan and other foreign policy challenges; reaction from Senator Lindsey Graham; chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. #SpecialReport #FoxNews

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The PEOPLE want Michael Flynn back as National Security Advisor.

Author — JM


Man it's amazing how much Lindsey Graham has changed his tune from like 3 years ago about Trump...Jesus.

Author — L.J Fitzpatrick


Bolton was Leaking to the Press. Thats Why.

Author — Cee Cee


Bring back Flynn and rub it in the face of those scheming rats who were so afraid of him.

Author — Hank Baxter


I wish people's lives did not depend on these people

Author — Rite Wabbit


Remember when Lindsey Graham, Mark Kirk, John McCain and Marco Rubio took a trip to Libya to meet with ISIS and supply them with arms to overthrow Gaddofi? I do

Author — Ben


FOX, the Trump base isn't going to be moved by "He Said" arguments

Author — Brad Taylor


"If we leave Afghanistan, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are coming after us" 🤣
We created ISIS and Al-Qaeda, Lindsay! Give it a rest.

Author — Dr. Winston O'boogie


I don't see the problem with replacing all these hardcore folks in Washington

Author — Esta Medley


I like that Brett lets his guests answer without being interrupted

Author — Steve Thorne


Bolton wants continuous war! Good riddance!

Author — art k


Lindsay...the toughest lilac in the south. Never will trust him all the way...a lil' ole opportunist.

Author — Fighting '42


Bolton still had too much of the 2000s era Bush-Cheney influence about him. A really good decision by Trump to move on

Author — FD Matt


Flynn is going to get his old job back.

Author — joe Davison


All three of those guys mentioned as replacements are Deep State establishment scumbags, no one attached to McMaster should come within a mile of any position of power

Author — dean counts


Hope Graham is a real convert. But only time will tell. Too late by then?

Author — John Bostock


Fox continues to play more like CNN, sad day to me...FOX sucks!

Author — andrew richardson


It's ok to try something new🤔. So the fuck's that make money off of war all the time? Get pissed off so be it. We can't keep killing them & them killing US.
I'm a veteran.



60 gone from the old guard. I wish it was 6, 000.

Author — Al Mellon


I am suspicious that our Deep State CIA killed our soldier in order to stomp on peace talks. It’s how they operate.

Author — L Nuzman