Switching Alters: Our experience

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

One of our most requested finally acknowledged - We show what a switch looks like on camera (that may take you by surprise) as well as an explanation as to what it feels like when someone "switches".


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I have read about articles on how DID can change body's chemistry, sometimes if one owns a pet, the pet can tell the difference. Your dog's behavior changed around you after your switch (Waving tail to not at all). Clearly this is one of the most realistic video I have ever seen. I salute you for your courage to sharing this with all of us.

Author — Atrox Fortuna


This girl with actual DID: Switches are only slightly noticeable
Trisha Paytas: I will pretend i didnt see that.

Author — Nadezhda Nedeva


Please don't be pressured to sensationalize the disorder. You are one of few who doesn't do this. One of the people who were believable and gave hope to those who truly have the diagnosis.

Author — Shadow


As a zoologist, and animal behaviorist, it was interesting for me to see your furkid react to the switch afterwards.

He can physically smell a difference between you and Jamie.

I also think you were 100% right on the jokey bit of him not wanting you to switch, because he really was enjoying time with you, and he really appeared to be trying to ground you.

I've not seen an animal (other than animal alters) in any of the switching videos I've seen. It was really intriguing to watch your pup react from loving snugglebunny to hey friend, thanks for popping around for a visit (as seen when he is sniffing Jamie's hand first, instead of just hopping on the couch beside him as he had with you).

Animals are really good at sensing chemical changes in people, and it seems (based on the behavior I saw) as though your entire chemical scent composition switches with your alters.

Author — Jaime Johnesee


My daughter has DID. It is very difficult to know when she switches. I can tell more than anyone else. Probably because I'm around her the most.

Author — Hannah's Simple Thoughts


FINALLY. Something real! I’ve seen all these kids put up these weird videos about “switching” but this makes so much more sense.

It’s not SUPER noticeable. But it went from tired and dazed to “OH. MY SHOW IS ON.” So i recognizes it.

Thank you so much for showing us the vulnerable side of you guys! ❤️❤️

Author — Luca Murray


Seeing your pup’s behavior change so drastically was unreal. This was the first video I have seen about this, I apologize for my ignorance. But it’s truly fascinating, thank you for allowing people to view you all’s world.

Author — Ken kanif


DID is a covert condition by nature and it can go unnoticed for many years, not only by the system but by everyone else around (family, friends, coworkers...) so yeah, this is pretty much about what I expected to see: nothing at all. Thanks for sharing and for the educational explanation of what was going on and how you were feeling. :)

Author — Minakie


I just have to say this: *Your dog is the most fluffiest cutie that I have ever seen, so cute :D*

Author — Élise Heartless


DID is such an interesting condition I’m so intrigued really want to learn more about this!

Author — ErenTheBombJaeger


To me it was the subtle posture change. Extremely minor and definitely hard to catch

Author — Rebecca Torresan


The actual switch wasn't what I was expecting but it helped clear up a lot of things I thought I knew about DID, and thank you for sharing that with me!

Author — lume


“Let me guess. Not as exciting.”

Well, the people who expect you to switch mid-sentence or go like “BLBLBLBLBLBL! And now I’m Jamie!” are going to be disappointed, because if that’s how it worked in your system, we would have seen it by now! lol

Author — Zara Crimson


I appreciate the realness here. Some videos i see are obvious bs and beyond dramatic. THIS is really more of the real deal. Thank you!

Author — Ashleigh Landis


OMG Thank you! I hide my DID, and only a few people know. Only my husband seems to grasp the things I try to explain. To have someone bravely representing us and explaining to the world the mystery of multiplicity is amazing.

Author — Kimstal West


My daughter was diagnosed with DID yesterday. And watching this I can totally relate to this.

Author — Angel Coops


I have always had my own terms for these things. The term "co-fronting" I have always called "piggybacking, " and the dissociative feeling we've called "being between worlds." It's cool to compare notes with actual terms.

Author — Arcana Jester


I love this Video. THIS is what it is like. No Show, no "magic", mostly not to see. Thanks for beeing so normal, so natural! So real! ❤️

Author — Jessica


You are so very brave trying to get this out in the open I mean mental health issues are so stereotyped I command you

Author — Marie Bloom


That's crazy that you know who you're switching with and when. I have very little knowledge of my fellow system members.
I searched for "did" bc I was feeling flustered and sad and this came up. Thank you for posting videos. I mostly feel alone, ironically. I feel like the alters have their own lives and personalities and such but really, it's just pain. Like I feel like I'm struggling and distressed and they are who they are. I don't know much about them so I can't speak for them when it comes to trauma and their pain.
..I feel insane.

Author — K K