The Elegance of Pattern Matching in Modern Java

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

This presentation will examine the evolution of switch from a statement to an expression and on to powerful pattern-matching machinery in modern Java. You'll also explore the reasons to refactor code to use this elegant and concise feature.

Presented by Venkat Subramaniam - Founder, Agile Develper, Inc.

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Tags: #Java #OracleDevLive #Java18 #JDK18 #OpenJDK

💬 Comments

Thank you, Venkat, it's an amazing presentation, enjoyed and learned new pattern matching in Java

Author — pradeep kumar


So exciting to see the Java evolution! And as Venkat mentions in the end, imagine having things like destructuring in Java, dear lord, just can't wait to see it.

Author — Denis Júlio


Nice presentation. However, you should be aware most of the examples presented here violate Liskov substition principle. I hope I'll never see switch cases differentiating between interface implementations.

Author — Krisztián Szabó


Can't wait to learn Java18 with Venkat!

Author — Shizheng Lee


Venkat is a great presenter. He's got a real infectious enthusiasm.

Author — Zac Cicala


How pattern matching is going to handle dynamic code and scenarios that can occurs with OSGi?

Author — Daniel Dudziak


can you ask Venkat to use some IDE which uses syntax highlighting.. this will make code reading a lot better.. Presentation is really good.

Author — Potato


Dr Subramaniam might not do Scala any more, but I guess he will admit that Scala's pattern matching is the best and although Java's pattern matching is nice, it's like a joke compared to the Scala one.

Author — Ava Lagum