Vienna to Venice by railjet train from €29

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Vienna to Venice by railjet train from €29 5

Fares start at €29 in economy, I paid €74 to go business class (the top class). There are two trains per day, at 06:25 & 12:25.

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How the world has changed. A child on a beautiful train in business class while passing stunning scenery and all he wants to do is play with his phone. Sad really.

Author — Kenneth Bell


That scenery was spectacular! But your boy was missing it all, staring at his game! XD *sigh* The trains there are so lovely, fast, and super smooth. Perfect for staring out the window and dreaming. Thank you for sharing! :-D

Author — Lindy Reed-Shukla


Beautiful scenery. This makes me want to go back to Europe ride the rails.

Author — Al Cuevas


the OBB's efforts make it one of the most beautiful railway companies in Europe.

Author — christophe77700


Great video!!! I have just cancelled my plans to fly between Vienna and Venice...this scenery is not to be missed. We are travelling in winter (December) with a rather large suitcase. I didn't see where luggage goes. Can you please tell me what we do with our suitcases?

Author — Sara Leslie


I did that train trip in reverse, Venice to Vienna years ago. My trip was in winter and at night. Nevertheless, the scenery had its own special beauty in the night light. Thank you for the video!

Author — Daniel Hammond


I enjoyed taking virtual trip on Railjet. Thanks.

Author — Sam Jennings


This is amazing value for money, especially when you consider air travellers have the additional time and cost of getting to/from the airport to the city centre. The thing that disturbs me is how empty and under-used this train looks.

Author — michaelinlondon


You took the railjet with the small business class, they're the same as the Czech ones. But most of the railjet fleet have a much bigger business class with compartments. It's not as noisy as in this business class.

Author — Benedikt Höpoltseder


Excellent job man!, I'm amazed with the quality of image, is unique, absolutely pro. The panorama is definitely fantastic bro.

Author — Roli Velaz


Such an amazing video you made
Greetings from Hungary🇭🇺

Author — András Marik


I love arriving in Venice by train, that view when you exit the station is just wonderful!

Author — Jill Stugmyer


Great video, Mark. Love trains, and your captions are great! New friend here. Greetings!

Author — Milica Petkovic


Incredible views....thanks for posting. It is appreciated.

Author — WD Harris


Great video as always! I really love that you keep the natural sound on your videos and don't add any background music.

Author — J D


It's so phenomenal. I love the technique you used to make the video . Which camera are you using?

Author — Tanaya Kapila


Wow.. amazing video.. beautifully captured.. Europe, You beautyyy... ❤❤❤

Author — Sreeraj G


Those rail business seats have to be the best in the world!
Our first class rail seats here in the uk look like the ecconomy ones in this video 😒

Author — Rocker- Barrel


Hope one day we in India have trains like these . Amazing video as usual, the shorter time helps to see many videos.

Author — Cobbster


Hello, I was in Venice at the end of June 21 to July 10 of this year, also in: Rome and Florence. Spain: Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona. Portugal; Lisbon and Porto, Great Britain, London. Mark, I love your videos, they are spectacular.

Author — hernan Aguayo