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Hello everyone! In this video I decided to share with you how to train Front lever. The method I am explaining is called grease the groove and will let you achieve front lever and more skills fast!

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Video by: Jakub Norek

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Author — Darek Woś Caliathletics


Impossible Dip would be nice, there arent many tutorials.

Author — Max K.


Great video Darek, The best backlever tutorial out there .
Keep up the great work .
I would love an effective training for the Bar muscle up that would be great .
I Look forward for your next video

Author — geoffrey Davis


4:14... That's honestly like the smoothest ab rollout I have ever seen. Literally!

Author — We Shall Never Surrender


With the last video I started to have my primordial front lever, now I hope I'll have the back after these advices, thanks man, you're ispiration

Author — Pasquale Russo


Great video again Darek. Keep up these quality videos

Author — Royce Reid


so could you can do front lever pull ups? could you make a video to teach us how to do it?

Author — jelena boile


Could you do a video to learn the straddle planche

Author — faze eusebio


extraordinary back lever tutorial, thanks a lot 🙏🏾

Author — Ammar Basheer


Dude u are making your way to be one of the best channels outhere .. good content with great explaining, also you provides some good stuff that rare to be found elsewhere with this Simplicity which is your advantage point . Keep going I'm a fan from this moment .
Also you got a good art direction and color grading in your recent videos which is catchy and I like it .

Author — Mohamed Atef


Effective workout method for planche pls🙏

Author — Alex Wild


this actually really helped me a lot i can negative straddle now and know working on straddle BL i also can straddle FL working on that too. keep up the good work bro looking forward to new vids

Author — akif muhd irfan


Hi, I’m 16 years old and I weigh 60. I watched your videos about how you transformed and your operator, too, and I want to ask you for help, please tell me. I'm now about the same in appearance as you at the beginning, no offense sorry)
I am writing to you through a translator because I don’t know English.

Author — Sergey Nikolas


Awesome content bro😍😍 but put regular content and Post progressions of advanced skills like two finger planche and many more.👍👍

Author — Boss Gamer


Been waiting for this type of video🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — Stav Barmeli


For backlever pull-ups which grip type is best

Author — RIXTIN Nurzay


Pls include a short scene on your Max Push Ups on next video. Pls 🥺🥺

Author — Zoro Nameirakpam


The best! Your new video maybe will be working on begginer workout?

Author — Георги Иванов


Insane vid bro keep it up love it really helpful

Author — Muhammad Gulzar


Did you learn/achieve all your skills by yourself with no help??

Author — marcel chalobah