Video shows a California music teacher punching a student

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Video shows a California music teacher punching a student 4.5
The teacher in the video is now charged with child abuse.

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Old enough to talk like a man old enough to get hit like a man

Author — Jose Hernandez


anyone who dosent agree with the teacher is just a spoiler brat like the kid

Author — Bosco Quin


The kid needed to get beat up. Punks like these ruin America!

Edit: Thanks for all the likes.

Author — Panda Boi Gaming and Metal\Rock News


This teacher doesn't deserve jail... What he deserves is, a raise, an award, and a title belt as 'CPW'... That's Champion of Punk Whoopin'!

Author — Snuffy Smif


Half these kids THINK they're tough... because they've never had an ass whoopin

Author — Antonio King


These parents kill me. You send your child to school to learn and all they do is talk s**t and can't do a simple math problem...Why would anyone expect anything exceptional from these kids when most of their parents are high school drop outs. 1:38, "I don't know whats this teachers problem"?...I can tell this lady graduated from college with honors. Lady, have several seats.

Author — Supachat Supachat


They didn’t let not one black person respond. And me being from California lots of Latinos can be very prejudice towards black people yet wear the clothes listen to the music and use the slang same as black people. He used the N word this is not a child or a 12 year old. He is out here doing grown stuff so he got beat like a grown man!!! Free the teacher.

Author — isaiah johnson


Video said "some parents think the school should use this video as a lesson to teachers." How about, parents use this as lesson to teach their damn kids to be respectful.

Author — Red C


Stupid kid got more than just a music lesson .. lol

Author — Dru N


If you have never taught high school you should not be making a comment. You are on the outside looking in. Until you stand in the public school classroom with some of these unruly children you should close your mouth. I have seen teachers go home on leave behind something a student did to them. The culture towards a students assault on the teacher has to change. Since when is it okay for students to walk into the classroom, get the attention of their peers, and commence an assault on the teacher? Once the students see the abuse, and nothing is done, others will repeat the same behavior. There is always the one you have to make an example out of for the rest to understand children will not control your class.

Author — Cynthia Dickerson


The teacher should’ve added about 40% more power on that punch.

Chin checks for disrespect on the punk!

Author — Mark Hunter


Piss poor parenting. The teacher did the right thing.

Author — limelight06


Obviously lack of good parenting at home from mother or a father that kid needs his ass handed to want to be thug. Next time he’ll think before he gets his WIGG split😂😂😂😂.

Author — Captain K


Less counselors, and more belts and tree switches😂😂😂🤝🏾👌🏾💪🏾

Author — kill em with KINDNESS


Well he needed some hard teaching... He wasn't expecting to get that two piece and a biscuit at school from his teacher.. I bet you he WILL NOT get into another grown man face like that again.. If he was mine, I would whip his ass again for all that disrespect smh.

Author — LaMesha Hale


He deserved it!!! That kid was a bully. He wanted to start something with the teacher

Author — W. Ray


I think the teacher should have kept his cool but the kid was asking for it. Still not an excuse. I blame the kid's parents

Author — Terrence Harris-Hughes


I watched the full video before the punch was thrown and they're making the teacher look bad the kid was very disrespectful he threw a damn basketball at him.

Author — myrakle


I'm a teacher and I've had students like that. Unless the student is attacking you, you can't put your hands on him. Now he's gonna be out of a job and up to his eyes in legal fees.

Author — Lang Kanai


He had no right to hit him. If I was the kid. I'd take up arms 💪🏾 & get my partner(s) to team/ gang/ sqaud up on him. We wouldn't shoot. I'd use pipe

Author — Afua Picasso