Video shows a California music teacher punching a student

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Video shows a California music teacher punching a student 4.5
The teacher in the video is now charged with child abuse.

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That Punk Ass kid needed his Ass beat!

Автор — Diggin Dave


The kid needed to get beat up. Punks like these ruin America!

Edit: Thanks for all the likes.

Автор — Panda Boi Gaming and Metal\Rock News


Considering the majority of the likes are for comments in support for the teacher, I think he should get paid leave like how police officers get for killing people for no reason. Then he should be allowed to go back to work.

Автор — Road to the 2 Comma Club


Good news fellas, the teacher that got fired/arrested had his bail paid for and his gofundme in over 130, 000 dollars lol. That stupid ass kid is gonna be living broke and dead by age 20 while this teacher just got his next vacation paid for.

Автор — Ezekiel eLLiot#WomanBeater#AllOline#NoSkill


anyone who dosent agree with the teacher is just a spoiler brat like the kid

Автор — Bosco Quin



Автор — KenyOwns


All those little fatherless bastards need an ass whoopin! Love to see it😂

Автор — Adam Zornig


This teacher doesn't deserve jail... What he deserves is, a raise, an award, and a title belt as 'CPW'... That's Champion of Punk Whoopin'!

Автор — Snuffy Smif


If you have never taught high school you should not be making a comment. You are on the outside looking in. Until you stand in the public school classroom with some of these unruly children you should close your mouth. I have seen teachers go home on leave behind something a student did to them. The culture towards a students assault on the teacher has to change. Since when is it okay for students to walk into the classroom, get the attention of their peers, and commence an assault on the teacher? Once the students see the abuse, and nothing is done, others will repeat the same behavior. There is always the one you have to make an example out of for the rest to understand children will not control your class.

Автор — Cynthia Dickerson


Video said "some parents think the school should use this video as a lesson to teachers." How about, parents use this as lesson to teach their damn kids to be respectful.

Автор — Red C


These parents kill me. You send your child to school to learn and all they do is talk s**t and can't do a simple math problem...Why would anyone expect anything exceptional from these kids when most of their parents are high school drop outs. 1:38, "I don't know whats this teachers problem"?...I can tell this lady graduated from college with honors. Lady, have several seats.

Автор — Supachat Supachat


He need his ass beat an it’s his mama fault it happened respect your elders no matter what race🤷🏾‍♂️

Автор — Danny jones


I'm a teacher and I've had students like that. Unless the student is attacking you, you can't put your hands on him. Now he's gonna be out of a job and up to his eyes in legal fees.

Автор — Lang Kanai


I'm a teacher and that kid deserved it, I've beat the crap out of my students before out of school grounds where there's no witnesses and cameras. Easy solution to this problem without getting caught.

Автор — Dean Jax


The kid just kept going on and on with his BS, he asked for it and now he wants to say he is a victim. Youth these days have no respect for their elders!

Автор — Me


That teacher was in no danger before he punched that kid. He could have walked out and calmed down. He could have called someone to get the kid. He could have physically removed the kid from the room and closed the door (to defuse the situation) instead he chose to assault (and continue to beat) someone half his size. This man is not a hero, hes not brave, hes not the victim. Hes a violent coward who cant control himself that not only deserves prison but also deserves his own beating. (and honestly I wonder if the teachers race has anything to do with so many people defending him).

Beyond that I have to wonder WTF is wrong with everyone here saying the kid 'deserved it'. Here is the thing, are the people commenting saying that we now live in a world where it is acceptable to beat someone violently (and repeatedly) because you do not like the things they say? Well I hope not because that is NOT a civilized society. The only acceptable reason to hit someone is to protect yourself from a clear and immediate danger, period. Sorry people, this is the real world, and you dont get to beat the shit out of someone (especially a child 1/2 your size) because they are an asshole.

Автор — Brett Rutecky


These kids need discipline. Damn right .He said racist??

Автор — WildAnime


Kid was taught a lesson. Watch your mouth. So the teacher taught him something.

Автор — Tir Na Nog


I like how everyone cried foul when a student was dragged out of her desk for not listening to a police officers orders but a teacher literally beating the hell out of a child is okay y’all stupid

Автор — Mike Hunt


Imagine getting knocked tf out by your teacher but instead off getting fired he gets $11, 000 💀

Автор — Yeet Yeet boi.