MLB Dumbas* Moments

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MLB Dumbas* Moments 4.5

If you can’t remember how many outs there are or what the count is in an at bat then you shouldn’t be playing. If you can’t see that the first baseman is 3’ off the bag you shouldn’t be a umpire.

Outro Song - 5 Minutes Alone by Pantera

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Just want to take a moment to thank you for putting metal into your outros. Horns up brother!

Author — John Vandenberg


3:37 that's the most proper stance for booing I've ever seen. It's like an opera singer booing, magnificent.

Author — Ruby Night


Why wouldn't Puig just stand on second? when you're unsure of a play at least be on a base lol

Author — IceWarrior101


Casey was about the most unathletic looking runner ever 😂

Author — Mark Smith


7:20 so nonchalantly, "that was a fair ball by the way" :D

Author — Dpower244


Missing Angel Hernandez, quite possibly the worst ump MLB has ever employed

Author — lanceuppercut88


Update this to include Angel Hernandez's three overturned calls the other day!

Author — The Slot Whisperer


As an umpire on the local level, I don't like to bash on my peers. However I work mostly with two man crews. We usually have much worse angles than these guys. How they miss obvious fairs and fouls, and first basemen two feet off the base is beyond me.

Author — Not_a_Billy_Joel_Fan


1:28 goofiest run by ANY professional athlete I have ever seen

Author — Matt Sharpe


@2:35 that pitch was so clean he had to call a strike out lmao

Author — Willy Flores


I’m from Minnesota. So I’ve had to watch some horrendous baseball in my
Life. I knew that Joe Mauer ball was in play at real speed it was so obvious. My television got a ear full!

Author — Dan Krzmarzick


Got to love a bunch of pros suddenly channeling their inner little leaguer.

Author — Christopher Conard


3:55. How the hell does the ump AND the batter not know the pitch count? Is it really that hard to keep track?

Author — D C


Please make a “pitchers getting angry when relieved” ?

Author — JB Sports Radio


looks like my damn 6 year old brothers team

Author — trevor sanders


I like how the comment at the start says : “Do confused player.” And the title is dumbas* moments

Author — Paxton Ulrich


Haha dude thanks for putting an asterisk at the end of the "D" word, I would have been infuriated

Author — Tague Frizzell


3:12 is the funniest shit ever. Dude paused and all, took a glance at the crowd, and was like "here you go". Lol funny stuff

Author — Out Of Time


Ya, a huge break for the “Yankees” . What a surprise

Author — whybri


6:58 Ump paid off by the Yankees. He was in the perfect position to see that ball land fair.

Author — Jon Parr