Nancy Pelosi holds a press conference

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi holds a press conference the day after democrats take control of the House.

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What Nancy Pelosi is really saying... "We're going to spend your money here and we're going to spend your money there and don't ask if you can use the benefits because you make too much money!"

Author — Dark Circles


To think there's actually people that voted for Pelosi and want to keep her in office. What an enigma. And not a good one

Author — pisces equinox


Maxine Waters at Financial Services. OMG

Author — gmkemistry


Try getting bills passed through Republican Senate, good luck on that.

Author — We The People


Sure Nancy, like if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? "We have to pass this bill to see what's in it". More BS from this old hag.

Author — Ben


Lol get rid of this crazy old bat. Can't stand to look at her or hear her madness

Author — Karen Musignac


My God the smug look on her face.
Theres going to be nothing getting done for the next two years.

Author — Hrafn


Pelosi, are you gonna steal our crumbs back?

Author — Michelle Z


Wasn't it Crazy Nancy who said, "You cannot see what's in the bill, till AFTER you vote for it". Psychotic ! ...and wasn't it the rest of these Congressional morons who went along with that insanity ?

Author — DoctorArt PhD


I'm not going to worry about it. Let Trump worry about it. It is his job, which he embraces with enthusiasm.

Author — AllenSymonds


The nuthouse is calling Pelosi time to go

Author — Ryan The Dog


President Trump please start appointing many, many, more conservative judges.

Author — Scott Leeper


Lots of voter fraud project Veritas exposed a lot of this

Author — great informer


For all those Americans who want education funded, new roads, airports and bridges to be repaired, sorry. Dems are going to squander all the money on pointless investigations into everything you can and can't imagine about Trump in order to try and bring him down. This is what Democrats want, they couldn't care less about the country or its people...

Author — lapamful


She cant keep from choking on it herself...evil succubus

Author — wolf garou


Just can't stomach this.. i'll look for the highlights elsewhere.. or read the transcript later. She sickens me.
I did watch Trump this AM, what a BOSS! .. very well done, had NO time for CNN and their childish, racist ways.. and was very gentlemanly talking of Pelosi.
So... I thought ok.. i'll try to listyen to her.. but, watching skeletor for 30+ mins makes me squeemish just thinking about it!

Author — Blue Eyes


Pelosi- owner of Goathead Pizzeria. She’s a pos Lucifarian pedovore. They may try to impeach our amazing Potus but they got nothin’. I don’t trust any of the Clinton minions as far as I can throw them. Traitors.

Author — Rain Infidel



Author — Zxcbbnm


Wow, this press conference with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sooo quiet I could hear the crickets... Is she alone with a camera??? I know Democrats hate crowds (I mean, outside of ANTIFA mobs), but this is ridiculous...

Author — Bill Blanchard


This women is so senile. 😔 She makes a really strong case for y we desperately need term limits!

Author — Justin Lee 1990