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AC motors are some of the best motors out there, used in electric cars, drones, etc... I LOVE'EM!

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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If Tony Stark had mehdi in his cave both would be dead

Author — Sabuj Pattanayek


8:40 That is called "skew angle", it helps to have a smooth interaction between the stator conductors (in straight slots) and the bars of the squirrel cage, thus avoiding torque pulsations

Author — Francisco de los Santos Arana


0:11 Lose wires. Avoid them
4:08 Remix time
6:49 ElectroBOOM Ringtone

Author — Eduardo Sosa


How Mehdi still has all his fingers is a mystery. He is so brilliant, but the way he cuts things makes me so nervous! 5:38 get this man a vice!!!

Author — Jimmy Quinn


I love this guy! He always impresses me with his engineering skills.

Author — Damien_PlaysYT


This guy is awesome ! He would make a GREAT teacher for an electronics class at a community college, seriously

Author — john smith


That piano background music by his daughter ElectroCUTE is awesome

Author — Gavin Liuranium


Steam engines are fascinating and you know it.

Author — Copernicus


Great inspirational work. Even though the motor didn't work as desired but I learned a lot from your video.

Author — 3DLooper


Respect to all the discoverers and engineers who make these things work in our daily lives...

Author — JERRY JAY


Hi Medi, I really like your videos, I have a question, how do you get rid of the buzzing noise of a power transformer of the digital receiver?
is clear wood finish found at home depot or similar shops, a good option to fill between the transformer core iron?
any suggestion is highly appreciated, thank you

Author — Alireza Akbarzadeh


I think one of the biggest things people dont know is how locomotives move. They're a huge feat of electrical engineering, I'd love to see a video on their traction motors

Author — War Gamz


I love your videos! really entertaining and informative. I'm watching it in our office and I am trying so hard not to laugh!

Author — Myla Ramos


The rotor bars are skewed at an angle because -
1)to prevent magnetic interlocking between stator and rotor
2)to reduce harmonics in the torque

Author — Mohammad Fahad


I like this channel, it make me interested in learning about every topic discussed. And though my memory was so volatile to keep them and lost what I had learned in same time his every video ends, I just enjoyed watching.

Author — Clown


8:43 The conductors are often skewed (at an angle) slightly along the length of the rotor to reduce noise and smooth out torque fluctuations that might result at some speeds due to interactions with the pole pieces of the stator, by ensuring that at any time the same fraction of a rotor bar is under each stator slot.

Author — MANISH


This guy makes me laugh and learn at the same time. That’s rare in my world.

Author — Tre Greco


8:43 The angle is there, so that the magnetic field affects each resistant material(cage line) more smoothly. Passes along it if you will... The result of that is smoother transition: less stress on the city current, I guess. You can visualise it as a stepper motor with less jittery steps. Not an accurate visualisation, but good for understanding :-)

Author — husi x


Every time when Mehdi is holding loose wires I know he must shock himself

Author — Chui Ivan


Great videos as usually. Its an ESC (electronic speed controller) though not ECU.

Author — Kamal Mammadov