Iran admits it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian plane

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Iran admits it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian plane 4.5
Iran has admitted its military shot down a Ukranian passenger jet, by accident, killing all 176 people on board.
The plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran on Wednesday - after Iran fired missiles targeting US forces based in Iraq.
Western countries had been piling pressure on Iran - which had spent days denying that it was responsible for the crash.
The attack was in response to the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in a US drone strike in Baghdad.
It is Iran's worst civil aviation disaster since 1988 when the US military said it shot down an Iran Air plane over the Gulf by mistake.

Al Jazeera's Assed Baig joins us live from Tehran with updates.

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So, the only people Iran managed to kill in their "revenge" attack were more Iranians... hmm..

Author — Salman Hussain


They had to admit it. Too much evidence

Author — Dan Satin


When they said it's unscientific and illogical for an anti-aircraft missile to have hit an aircraft, it pretty much said it all.

Author — Ty Nel


Stupid and utter incompetent. They can’t even own up to their own crime, and blame US instead. Their hypocrisy knows no bound.

Author — Yusof Sarangani


Now where are the people who said it was USA and Israel? lmao

Author — Deniz Onur


you see, they cant even handle a normal missile properly and you are okay with them having nuclear weapons? sick

Author — Sammie Sensei


Iranian President: We accidentally shot down plane.
Boeing Executives: WHEW. Thank goodness.

Author — Jack Buena


If Iran wasn't caught with their pants down they would have lied through their teeth about this and shifted the blame. This is the behaviour of a country who must not aquire nukes.

Author — Nigel


The Iranians are losing more of their own people since their “revenge” began😔

Author — PurpleKushxJetLife91


So 56 people died at Soleimani's funeral and they killed 178 on the plane by accident.
But they killed no one with 16 missiles they launched into

Author — Martin Quin


At least they admitted the fault, is the powerful country admitted that they've killed thosand's of civilians in IRAQ and AFGHAN.

Author — Son Caster


This is the same country, wants nuke.

Author — Razib Baral JOY


Lol "Its scientifically impossible for it to have been shot down." Two days later. "Yeah we did it"

Author — OhMyGulay


Iran denies shooting down the airplane. now they admit it?

Author — Allan Mercado


We have a saying in kiswahili, when two elephants fight it's the grass that gets hurt.

Author — Fahmy Ayoob


The only time Iran tells the truth is when the rest of the World is squeezing its throat.

Author — eenie1234


Revenge is never a solution to the problems...

Author — Creative Skool


Can’t even imagine what the families are feeling right now knowing that their loved ones died because of such stupid reason given by Iran

Author — John Philip


Iran was Well, we got our revenge. The plane was US built!

Author — BSnicks


There is no way that things like this shootdown can be an accident.

Author — David Dutra