BMW X5 - Third Row Seat Demonstration (7 seats)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

The all-new BMW X5 is also offering a third-row options for its customers. If the optional third row seats is specified, customers will receive rear seats with electric fore-and-aft adjustment.

The video shows the operation of the third-row seat, legroom, headroom and cargo space with the seats up or folded.

So can you fit comfortably sit 7 people in your new BMW X5? Let's find out!

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Does the second row have more leg room than the standard X5? Are the seat back of the second row adjustable?

Author — Renhai Wang


Awesome suv. Now that they also have an off-road option with air suspension locking diff and low range gear, I cant wait to trade my GL in.😂😂🤣

Author — DON Dino


Yes it's tight - yes the seat movements are slow. But, give the Germans some credit here. They are the only engineers that regularly take on complicated design propositions that are nearly impossible to conquer and figure out solutions to incorporate into a mass production offering. That is the most difficult challenge in engineering, to best simplify complications.

Author — Scatdiddy


Just bought an X5 7 seat for kids this is perfect but not for adults

Author — Adnan Crypto


Can you convert the 7 seater to a 5 seater? I'd rather have the below floor storage space.

Author — Mark Kofi


Ugh, i'm here because none of my local bmw dealers have a 7 passenger x5 on the lot. our 2010 mdx has more legroom in the 3rd row and actually can carry normal sized adults, but still only good for short trips. Having said that, there is more cargo room in the x5 with the 3rd row up, and the ingress/egress through the door to gain access to the seat is wider. i guess it depends on what you value the most...

Author — fabulousprofound


In dubai I see almost every SUV has standard 3rd row, same like 2nd row where 3 adults can sit. I don't know why such SUV isn't available in the UK

Author — Zinger Burger


Automatic seats? That's a cool new feature!!! And the seats look so comfortable!

Author — Princé Bankz


Is it safe to put a child car seat in the 3rd row?

Author — How i Hawaii Stay happy and healthy


LOL, seems to be very comfortable. Guess knees hurt 😁 and he ran to nearest Wallgreens.
If you drive with 7 people, how many shopping bags can you load?

Author — R B


"Hold on, just ten more minutes before I can get in. . . "

Author — Shane Parker


This car worth 61000€? For a family with 5 children? Need advice!!

Author — Naim Karimi


About two days and half to get in the back aprox.

Author — leonel santamaria


meanwhile i'm getting rained on waiting for the 2nd row to take it's sweet time.

Author — Tyler Pripps


I think it would be better to just sit in the back/trunk with the seats down lol

Author — Poggies


Does not look good to move 7 adults, but I bet many of the people who need such a car need it for all the kids they have to carry (I come from a family with 5 boys) this car would have worked for us until my youngest brother reach teenage-hood (growth).

Author — Earl Pottinger


There is no foot room let alone leg room

Author — Isaac Akhigbe


If you need third row seats and have to have a BMW, give the X5 a miss and wait for the X7. Unless your passengers are pre-adolescence kids, or extremely short adults.

Author — Hammer Rocks


So you didn't show us middle row leg room when you put the seat back with you in rear.
Useless video as we couldn't tell from that how well you fit.

Author — paul davison


Only Just for your puppies .third Row Dog seats i think.

Author — William Chan Chan