Top 10 Secrets The Secret Service Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Top 10 Secrets The Secret Service Doesn’t Want You To Know 4
The Secret Service. This squad of elite agents, assigned with the task of protecting the President of the United States, doesn’t give much away. Let’s dig into a world of dark glasses and tech. Here's the top 10 secrets the Secret Service doesn’t want you to know.

Be Amazed at these Top 10 secrets the Secret Service doesn’t want you to know! Secret offices - On H Street in Washington DC, there’s a dull-looking, 9 storey, tan-bricked, unnamed building. It’s so indistinctive, you could walk past it and not even know it’s there. Secret arsenal - As you’d expect, the Secret Service has the latest in cutting-edge weaponry at their disposal. When you’re dealing with people who want to harm the President, you have to get the job done first time. Not just the President - While protecting the President is the Secret Service's priority, they don’t just protect him. The First Lady, the Vice President, the rest of the First Family, and all former Presidents all receive official protection.

They're stuck to the President - When you’re guarding the President, you have to go wherever they go. Literally. Even when the president goes to the bathroom, there’s an armed agent in there with him. Brains over brawn - They don’t call these guys Special Agents for nothing. Secret Service agents used to be primarily recruited from the military, but nowadays they go for brains over brawn. No sworn oath - Contrary to what they tell you in Hollywood movies, Secret Service agents do not swear an oath to lay down their life for the President. Advanced recon - As we heard earlier, the hardest part of the Secret Service’s job is protecting the President when they’re at events with large crowds. Transport secrets - We’ve all seen the Presidential motorcade, the seemingly endless parade of black stretch limos. But, there’s only one President. They know where you are - If you’re interested in the President, it’s safe to say the Secret Service is interested in you. They’re able wingmen - It seems when you're the leader of the free world, you automatically become extremely attractive to the opposite sex.

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The secret service agents got special secret service prostitutes while they were staying at a hotel in Colombia a few years ago !

Автор — TheJetcruiser007


I just heard Webster is changing the word 'secret' to 'leak'

Автор — Victor Poulin


So THAT's why Bill Clinton became president. Secret revealed!

Автор — Sharif Sourour


You didn't mention about the Kingsman Secret Service :)

Автор — curious stuff


There's little I didn't know, or at least suspect. However, it's difficult to register my profound disgust and dismay that the publicly funded Secret Service agents collude to enable Presidents & others to engage in activities, such as adultery & debauchery, which have nothing to do with "national security."
Please name me ONE POTUS who actually was INDISPENSABLE to the security of the nation. How absurd to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to enable SS agents and equipment/toys to protect someone who is so easily REPLACED. How absurd and what a waste of taxpayer dollars, especially since virtually all decisions made by one president are so easily reversed/overturned by the next. So what's the big deal?

Автор — rae0521


Hahahaha ask Kennedy about his bodyguards getting OFF the cars bumpers seconds before shooting to allow CLEAN shots.

Автор — Alex Lub


The one that surprised me the most was that the Secret Service warned the president when his wife was coming so that they could hide their "guests"

Автор — Lacey Karle


Yeah but they call it the Secret Service for a reason. Yes we see Secret Service Agents every time but the ones that you don't see are the ones that you may never know. It could be that man or woman standing next to you in a "MAGA" cap that is dressed down. The ones you see is pretty ineffective. The ones you don't see are the ones that actually protect The Commander-in-Chief.

So nah. He really ain't giving away any secrets. So chill out a little bit and rest assured the President, Donald J. Trump is safe.

Автор — weejams


"used to be recruited out of the military but now they go for brain over brawn"....insinuating that the military members are not smart? I'd bet 100 bucks that the average infantryman has more smarts than your average college graduate....jerk.

Автор — Half Insane Outdoor guy


The glasses reflect so that no one knows where they are looking

Автор — Bmatt4489 Dude


You are wrong. My home is the most safest and protected home in the world. And i guess every common man home is the most safest home. As millions of people have a dream to attack on white house but not so in case of common man's house.

Автор — Khushi Suman


I remember when being the president was a renowned and respectable lol

Автор — EyeSeeYou


What if I had a friend named jack and I wanted to say hi to him on an airplane. Hmmm. What could go wrong

Автор — Gladden Empire


Ok the thumbnail is of the wind blowing the suit at an angle and the secret service guy is just standing there like they’re supposed to so people get smart

Автор — The Kingdom of Nervenia


Who knew that the secret service members accidentaly shot one of the presidents

Автор — sam baughan


This video proves that JFK was not assassinated by one man.

Автор — Anita Venter


Obama's SS name is " Sissy " or " Queer

Автор — Chuck Reid


The p90 ammo isn’t custom. It’s a 5.7 round.

Автор — daniel n


Did you guys say in a video you made of the same title, that SS agents don’t wear dark sunglasses as it restricts vision?

Автор — Joseph


LOL Where did you get president Trump's SS code name, from Hillary's unencrypted server...

Автор — Denise T