Testing my NEW HOYT! *This is Interesting 🤨

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Throwing some arrows through my new Hoyt! Also testing the difference between 80 and 85 percent let off!

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picked up my Ventum Pro 33 last week and played like you're doing over the weekend. 28.5" draw, 70# with 456 gn arrows chrono'd at 288 fps on 85% and 297 fps on 80%. Absolutely love the Ventum Pro

Author — Seagriz


Ive got the hoyt Ventum Pro 30 at 80 lbs and I swear the bow got even better with more draw weight. Also, I have the ironwood 885 you have in the back of your truck and that thing is pure gold!

Author — Anthony


Bought my first brand new bow ever this year. Shot em all, 4 hours at the bow shop, Ventum Pro 33 won out. For new bows, is it worth tinkering with the sight before the strings are broken in? Or just get a couple of hundred arrows through and then start working?

Author — Ben McSwain


I call it bow therapy! Stick with the let off that makes your draw length feel the best. You will see better accuracy and consistency with the correct draw length. Great video, thanks!

Author — Matt Hedrick


Been shooting my ventum pro 30 on 85 sense December and man it’s definitely the best bow I have shot. That thing just doesn’t want to budge or any thing at full draw that pin basically just sits on the bullseye

Author — Travis Crusch


Thanks for the diffent pointers and showing real life when practicing. Wish you could have a second camera showing the hits. Great video!

Author — Ben Litfin


Just out of curiosity, can you feel a significant difference year to year relating to bow models?

Author — KansasOutdoors


Love it when someone really digs their bow! Custom strings?

Author — Billy Bobb


Thanks man as always great stuff your doing for us live the new bow

Author — Chris Trusty


Great video! I have the new twin turbo and I’m not sure I want to try the 80 percent let off.

Author — Brian Bowers


I'm fixin to get a Ventum pro, maybe the 33. I'm anxious to see the speed. Great Video that buckskin is sick.

Author — Bruce hillbilly Barthalow


These high letoff bows are great for beginners, people with shoulder issues or weak people but I personally hate that you can’t get hunting bows in 65-70%.

Author — Dre Sted


Just got my Ventum Pro 30 all setup. What’s your stabilizer setup on it? I’m thinking of adding an 8” side bar and 10” front bar

Author — YAKnLIFE


Camera: zooms in
Joel: me likey alot
Bow: feed me more arrows

Author — RHYZI NOL


What stabilizers are you running and what length are they. And would you use them for hunting?

Author — Jonathan Guerrero


Dude I love this edit. Sweet video my man

Author — JMJ Outdoors


Cool bow. Is that massive block target something you bought or built? I'd like to build something like that at home. If you did build it what's it built with?

Author — stayfit_116


If you're going to buy yourself a chronograph by the pro Chrono DLX. I bought one and it's been super reliable.

Author — Apex Predator Outdoors


I'm 72 years old and really like the 85% letoff setting. Never done the poundage etc math to see exactly what it is in real numbers. Lets this old archer hold a little longer into the shot. IMO and typeof hunting I do that ability to hold easier for just a few more seconds is way more important than that 2-4 fps gain at 80%???

Author — Tim Gruver


At 80% the draw cycle is much smoother than at 85%

Author — Dan Yoder