RF97 autograph Pro Staff v13 is a dif racquet

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The weight and balance of the new v13 RF97 signature autograph Pro Staff is very different from the old version. It is actually quite noticeable when swung. I actually prefer the balance and weight of the new ones. But everyone who says it is just a paint job is quite wrong. They are substantially different

RF97 v11 364 gm 319 mm 7.6 pts HL (strung)
RF97 v13 358 gm 309 mm 10.5 pts HL (strung)

If you are interested in the 3D files for the balance board i designed leave a comment. I printed it on a prusa MK2

Update 12:26:2020
Here is a link to my files on my thingiverse page

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Wilson's static weight tolerances are +/- 10 grams. So the differences between your two sets of racquets are within tolerances. I used to have five K-Pro Staff (Pete Sampras) stock frames. They weighed from 12.5 ounces to 13.1 ounces at 12.5, 12.7, 12.9, 12.9 and 13.1. The 12.9s played the same but they all otherwise played differently. I called Tennis Warehouse when I had three and they told me that these weights were withing tolerance but they had a matching service where they would look at their stock and find racquets that most closely matched what I was looking for. In general, the best thing to do is to buy the lightest in their inventory and then customize them with lead tape to get to your desired specs or the stock specs. There are some brands that have much tighter quality control like Yonex; but, in general, you will get variances in stock frames. One other approach would be to hire a service to do the selection and customization for you. I have a set of four frames that I bought from a service in Europe and they are were customized to set specs.

Author — Michael Moy


Wow thats really strange... I have a new pro staff rf v.13 and at the beginning thought it was lighter but it actually weights the 340 grams as it says on the spects... and weights 363 gr. with strings and overgrip

Author — acruma


good I find this channel.. I also play already 3 years with the 11.0. I live in Europe, and problems look similar. My first pair I bought were about 367 and 370 gr strung with dampener and overgrip. The 370 was defenitely heavier in the head and it's really much different to play with. 6 months later I bought 2 more and they were quite similar, but MUCH lighter to my first 2 I bougt: with everything on it: 361 grams for both .. and they also are more headlight.. It is really weird, but idd. I also prefer the lighter ones. Now with the version 13.0 being lighter and more headlight, I think it would be a good choice now.. I think Wilson sneakily made the racket lighter to be easier to play with, after they found out that Roger's identical racket would make problems to the people. But idd, I also don't like they don't mention it and the differences are still too much to be considered as tolerances..

Author — iG W


IMHO the most accurate would be:

1st, match the racquets with no over grips, nor base grips at all. Because of Wilsons problematic QC. At least, Swing Weight, Balance, and Static Weight

2nd, have for all the racquets the same Wilson leather base grips, and same overgrips, all cut to the same lengths before application, to have the same weights. And then check specs and match if needed

3rd, string the with the same technique method

4th, check specs again match if needed

5th, play test the racquets

(No silicone, only lead, to keep the feel the same) (if using silicone is a must, then the same amount on every racquet and the rest is all lead, to keep the same feel)

Author — JorgeAndresCoppiano.


this is really helpful. I thought it was just in my head but was too lazy to ever put them on the scale. thanks for putting in the work

Author — Hypnotique 808


I have four v11’s and one v13. V13 feels definitely lighter and easier to swing but v11s have more plow through

Author — Thanos


it shouldn't be different. if it is different, it is probably the wilson QC problem. wilson is not like yonex where the QC is top notch and everything is really close to spec. other brand QC may differ from the specs a bit

Author — kcazzzzz


Its just Wilson's poor QC, I had several Rf97s in the past few years. Some were as light as 332 gms and some were as heavy as 347 gms unstrung. Balance and swing weight were also all over the place. So picture that. Haha basically you need to match them with lead If you want them to play similar

Author — dj Blackwing


You got some good matching pairs! I don’t know why but I’ve noticed out of all of my RF97s is that I hit the best with the V13. So I try to make all of my racquets the same spec as my V13

Author — J Amz


Interesting, I currently play with the Pro Staff 6.0 85. I love the weight and balance, but would like a bigger head size. I tried the original RF 97, but it was a bit too head heavy for me. Maybe this new one will more closely match the weight and balance of my PS 85.

Author — Golden Calf


Very helpful and informative ! Thank you for the upload !

Author — Rohit


From the numbers I’m guessing the older ones have a higher swing weight being heavier and slightly less head light. How does that translate on the court and which do u prefer?

Author — John Lau


Wilson making you believe its the paint job that made it play 'different'

Author — Jiahe Qian


So they made it five grams lighter? And the ones you have are showing impressive QC.

Author — Michael P


picked up two V13's ("315g"). Both 314g but one is 30.6cm unstrung the other 31.1cm. Annoying as I like the 30.6 a lot and no way to match the other one to it. QC is not great in any brand. Yonex has a better reputation but don't be fooled. If it were better we would have to pay for it (think of the number of racquets that would be discarded and how that would affect cost). This is one of the reasons why Wilson started a pro stock line.

Author — Costa Exintaris


Interesting. Thanks for doing the comparison video!

Author — Barber Mack


Wilson quality cotrol. I have two version 11 ones, 10 grams difference between them . My 3 version 10 ones also all different. We should sew wilson as we pay premium price but specs are of

Author — Joe Herbert


my RF V11s and and V13s are totally opposite to yours lol (v11 head light under spec 336g unstrung, v13 head heavier slightly 339g unstrung)

Author — Jimbo's Racket Stringing


I agree! I also feel like the sweetspot is bigger!

Author — David S.


Can be chocked up to quality control, other than a few grams it’s same mold, layup, string pattern nothing a few grams can’t fix

Author — Vapor speed