Blind Date || Episode 28

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Blind Date || Episode 28 || Clu & Ram

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Welcome to Blind Date ! Here you'll find your favorite bachelor in paradise moments from all cities/town of Nepal... Blind date is here to share the favorite & memorable moments from its episodes......

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Devendra Pandey
Narbada lakandri
Asal Adhikari
C-lu (shilu) Pokhrel
Bikash Kharel
Mamta majhi
Ram Prasad Pokharel
Pranima Dahal
Mina Budhathoki
Laxman Baniya

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💬 Comments

Shilu's attitude is main income source of this channel

Author — Niraj Ghimire


I like the way ram speaks, really sounds like a gentleman ♥️🔥

Author — NEPALI music lover


Haha sab Clu savage vanchan. Ram giving that expression throughout the episode without explanation to Clu's baseless talks is actual savagery. Guu lai nachalaye ananda chalaye ganda vanya Ramey le janeko recha 🤣🤣

Author — Nihilist


Love the way when shilu speaks or hit dialog with smile🤣🤣

Author — Noob Gaming1993


Clu- brush your teeth after smoking
Ram- am not gonna kiss you gurl 😂😂

Author — Ritika Chatterjee


Two - totally different sides of a coin! I really enjoyed watching :)

Author — Lal Saud


The amount of time he called her “content less” and she carried this entire episode on her back.

Author — Sonia Puri


hatts off to their English language and level of their confidence, my goodness.... 👏👏👏👏👏🤪🤪🤪😜😜😜😜😜

Author — Tina Subba


Ram: Go to hell.
Cilu even didn’t realize that. If she had understood she would fire Ramey

Author — Nepali Trader


Ram is really like a gentleman his patience level is so next level talking style and understanding behavior is just wauu❤️

Author — Junu Gharti


Moral of this show is It’s better
to stay silent in front of fools🤣

Author — Milan Gurung


I love how she never loses her confidence infront of anyone..!

Author — Sanjita Grg


Ram intellectual level is beyond nepalese actors such as anmol, paul, akash, puskar and so on.

Author — Abi Baral


What is the meaning of confidence???
Humiliating order like clu or being arrogant like ram??🤣 Or talking more like clu or being calm and collective like ram??🤣🔥

Author — Saugat Rijal


This feels like they are from different clan, one from uchiha and other one from senju😂 how can he control himself like that 👏

Author — Lucky Khadka


People think clu is ridiculous and crazy because of her crazy expectations from men as far as cooking for her and cleaning for her, but think about it, the men in our society are exactly like clu but we don’t see them as crazy. Clu is presenting character of a man.

Author — Geeta kharel


The one thing I like about ram is he listens and he is very patient . You know what they say, to understand the other person let them speak and be a good listener. ✌

Author — 🌺Nursing Angels 🌺


Clu= do not forget to brush your teeth after smoking
Ram= I’m not going to kiss you girl 😂😂😂
(That reply is 🔥🤣)

Author — Pratikshya Nepal


Silu : do not forget to brush your teeth after smoking 😹😹🙉🙉🙉
Ram : I'm not going to kiss you girl 😹😹😹🙉🙉

Author — Rakesh Magar


Didi ko English always gives me heart attack. He didn't stay bcuz of your English and Rap.

Author — Shrijana Rai