Ukrainian troops allegedly desert to join pro-Russian forces in Slavyansk

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Ukrainian troops allegedly desert to join pro-Russian forces in Slavyansk 4.5

Armoured personnel carriers have rolled into the eastern Ukraine city of Slavyansk. Ukraine deserters or soldiers of the Russian army? The facts of what is happening appear lost in the fog of these hostilities.

The Ukrainian interim Minister of Defence Mykhailo Koval is on his way there to try and establish the nature of events.

One soldier identified himself to a reporter as a member of Ukraine's 25th paratroop division from Dnipropetrovsk. It is alleged they have switched allegiances.


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Hope this is a beginning of the end of the IMF-EU-UN-NATO-CIA-USraeli Kiev Junta.

Author — JackPoet


I think that a lot of things will be clear for inhabitants of the West if to explain a word meaning "Ukraine"
"Ukraine" meaning "lands near border" In America it is possible to call this Russian word Ukraine states of New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California.  All these states American Ukraine. 
Russians can't annex Ukraine because all Ukrainians - Russians. Ukrainians are an ethnos, such Russian ethnoses many tens. Divisions of Russians and Ukrainians - artificial.

Author — Ольга Семенова


хмм.. какой "чистый" репортаж.

Author — bugimens87


I love RUSSIA!!! XD Ukrainians must realize that their true enemy and traitors to their country is in Kiev!!!!

Author — Temujin Borjigin


когда украинская армия придет---что говорить будете интерестно ???

Author — Idrak Mamedov


Let​ the​ people​ in​ Eastern​ Ukraine​ vote. They​ have​ right to make a decision for their own future. Solve this problem peacefully.

Author — Sunyata Anatta


65% of Crimean population is Russian and support for Russia is possibly more than 80% with other ethnic groups. The Crimean locals were quite happy with the Russian "soldiers".

Author — Erdem Kaya


Greetings from the USA, I don't know about this one guys, Russian American here. I have nothing against Ukrainians personally but you never know where they stand so trust is fleeting. Are you sure you REALLY want them in the Russian Federation Army? They are loyal TODAY, tomorrow they can get our strategies, tactics, and pass it on to their brothers in Ukraine. THINK TWICE my fellow Russian slaviansky's, personally, I would send them back and tell them to go home, we trust you about as far as we can throw you.

Author — Mike Johnson