VETERINARY BASICS: Things you should know before going into a clinic . . . | Vet School

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This weeks video is a brief introduction to basic veterinary information for spending time in a small animal clinic: including temperatures, heart rates, respiratory rates, blood pressure, positioning, anatomy and radiographs!
Let me know if you have any questions or comments below :)
00:01:15 - TPRs
00:03:14 - Blood pressure
00:04:08 - Positioning
00:05:49 - Anatomy
00:08:17 - Mucus membranes
00:09:36 - Radiographs


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I'm a freshman in highschool. I just want to know more about veterinary medicine but thank you so much a lot of good information!

Author — Gisellye Torres


I'm 13 and since I was 9 I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. After coronavirus calms down in my area, I really wish to volunteer in my local animal shelters! I am so interested and passionate about helping animals and I specifically want to study farm animals. This video is great and really helpful!

Author — Peyton Morton


Hey guys! Hope you enjoy/find this helpful! Let me know if anything in is this video is incorrect or different internationally, I'm a vet student too so just willing to learn like all of you are! Thanks so much for your patience with my uploads, been busy recently 😊 xx

Author — Jess Cliffe


This was a really good recap of things I forgot to take notes of during my placements! Could you do another one on basic surgery preparation procedures and anaesthesia?

Author — Nandini Sharma


I just started in a vet clinic and this is very helpful! thank you, i love watching your videos.

Author — Charlotte Emma


Hah i so needed this 2 weeks ago going into that emergency placement, I looked like a right egg the whole time

Author — Bailey Quinn


just got a job as a vet tech straight from food industry, so I appreciate this video!

Author — puffpastry


I am 13 and I wanted to be a vet when I was 3(in my country’s age is now 15 and I dreamed it when I was 4) I really want to find like this information but I couldn’t find it... This video really helps to me!! Thank you soooo much:)
(Plus I’m a Korean but I really want to go USA vet school so I try to understand the vet’s words in English, , , It’s quite difficult but fun!!)

Author — Studykelly


i loved this video!! makes me excited for vet school HAHA :))

Author — Alyssa Nee


i’m only in 8th grade and have loved animals since i was little. I’ve been doing so much research to be a vet

Author — suri


This video was unimaginably helpful so thank you for that!

Author — Anja Groeneweg


i am 12 years old and since I was 4 I knew I wanted to be a vet I live in a farm full of animals. and I love your videos, I also experience veterinary help with all the vets coming in the farm. thank you I love your videos.

Author — Aura charloux


This is such a helpful Especially the radiograph part. When I help techs rn, I literally have no idea what they are talking about and just hold the body parts they tell me to 😂

Author — Makenna


I'm 13 and I been wanting to be a vet since I knew what an animal and a doctor was and I want to work with big animals

Author — lapdog 200


I’ll be starting vet school in a few months, and this is really helpful!! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!! Also, do you have any book recommendations or anything that can help me prepare for vet school? ♥️

Author — Paula Justine Santos


I’m 16 and a sophomore in high school and all of my life, I’ve wanted to become a veterinarian but lately I’ve been thinking about not being one. Thank you so much for this video, it really helped!!

Author — IDontKnowWhatToName This


I am 11 and my dream job is a vet thanks for the tips I am probably the youngest here 😆 lol.

Author — Aesthetic blue #stopanimaltesting


This was so helpful thank you, currently on placement and needed a quick refresher ☺️

Author — Heavenly Ruby


Hey! I’ve got my Associates in Science and I am interested in going to vet school in New Zealand but I live in the US, do you know how this would work?

Author — Sierra Robinson


please make more videos like this one!!!! i enjoyed it so much <3 I learned a lot too. I was accepted to vet school so ill be starting on January. Im so excited

Author — Harry I.