If Anthem's Trailer Was Played By Real Gamers

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If Anthem's Trailer Was Played By Real Gamers 5

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dude that was awesome, can you do more?

Автор — Phoenix Basher


"Walmart Titan Smash"

I think a Walmart Titan smash would be called Great Value "Giant Crash"

Автор — Dalton Morzos


Lmao, the dude that was eating and yelling on the mic i have couple friends are like that

Автор — Ash


"Alright man but I call dibs on the pod racing game"- dude 2

Автор — Gnostic Of The Divine Esoteric Source


"40 gigs"
talk about optimistic

Автор — glens


This is a better trailer for the game than the actual trailer

Автор — tehraider123


I don't understand the obsession with the gamer actors companies put in their trailers and it makes me want to puke every time.
"Whoa!! It's the artoras butt plug! This is such a huge upgrade! :^D"

Автор — Shady Dave


Im sad to say it but everything that happened in this video with the gamers is so true

Автор — G L I T C H


"This game is just 40 gigs of pure bullshit". Me when there's a content drought in Destiny

Автор — Sevayen


I'm oddly invested in the lives of these fictional real gamers

Автор — hi hungry i'm dad


that background looks sick on your desktop what is it??

Автор — WrathOfClay


When people have voices for what they’re calling “real gameplay footage and not staged acting” it’s super cringey to see a triple A company’s view on how gamers talk. A good example of that was with the Rainbow Six Seige trailer. Does anyone remember that?

Автор — AgentNibbles V


Its unfortunate, so many good games idea by writers and designers, but publishers come along and make it a shit show money grab. Such a waste

Автор — Tristan Sullivan


I still question how their legs go into the suit

Автор — KAzooo


If you trust anything published by EA at this point you are a Cuck.
Last good EA game i got was Battlefield 1.

Автор — Peter Martin


waiting for EA micro transactions yo appear. obviously is not in the demo. but wait until you buy the game...

Автор — Juan Alvarado


anthem could be a good game and i hope it is but im worried because its being published and controlled by EA.

Автор — maziku


Did he get into that suit with shoes on? Odd suit.

Автор — FatheredPuma81


I expected this to be terrible, click-bait'y garbage... Great job proving me wrong! Quite funny and very true to life and the garbage that will likely make this just another compromised video-game.

Автор — Andrew T


i died when the guy joined in and was eating food

Автор — Ryan Dean