Desiigner ft. Lil Pump - Overseas (Legendado)

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Desiigner ft. Lil Pump - Overseas (Legendado) 5

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Lil Pump ft. Desiigner - Overseas
Lil Pump
Castro Legendas

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Uma bela canção para se escutar no churrasco com a familia kkk

Author — Juninho Motta


Aquele momento que vc veio pelo Desiigner e só fica no Lil Pump, tmnc!

Author — João Vitor Gonçalves


Mano tira esse castrolegenda@ no final, ficaria melhor, so botava no final

Author — Rick


Yo if you like Lil Pump you should see what we got

Author — Projects To Mansions


lil pump ta cada vez mais feio kkk mt droga q esse mlk usa

Author — lucas silva