Spring break partiers refusing to isolate amid coronavirus crisis draw concerns | Nightline

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Spring break partiers refusing to isolate amid coronavirus crisis draw concerns | Nightline 4.5
"I'm not going to let it stop me from partying," one man in Florida said of the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, other parts of the U.S., like San Francisco, have issued strict shelter-in-place orders.


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“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
― George Carlin

Author — james kairu


Girl: "This is really messing with my Spring Break."
Death: "Hold my Corona."

Author — OneJenna


Those clowns won’t be partying when their parents die

Author — Jed Daniels


*"If I get Corona, I get Corona"*

Dear God, they're already Brain dead.

Author — Tony Toons


“Only in Florida...” Idiots. Now I understand why the US has the most infections.

Author — The Hound


it sucks when your chances of survival is linked to other people having common sense

Author — i ride solo


"There are two things that are infinite - the Universe and human stupidity - and I doubt about the former." - Einstein

Author — Razian Amira


Coronavirus: sees thousands of healthy adolescents.

Also Corona:
**It's free real estate**

Author — ya boy coconut head


Vanessa to our senior citizens:

some of you will die.

but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make

Author — DAMM990


Some people really are insensitive, "we're all gonna die" - says it casually.
Health workers all over the world are working their butts off to save lives. Atleast do your part and stay home.

Author — Madhumonti Singh


Death is inevitable. Ignorance isn’t. Even accidents come with consequences, much less choices.

Author — Blessy Kuriakose


“Its ruining my spring break!”
How self centered can you be.

Author — Xblu501


Young people with strong immune system: "We're fine, elderly people might get infected because of us but not our problem!"
Cytokine Storm: *You sure about that*

Author — potato chungus


"She spoke out against non believers, her message...going viral..."

Of all the word choices...

Author — Cameron Brown


"It's really messing with my spring break." Sounds like someone who's not doing well at her school.

Author — shadowarena


Imagine if one of those partiers gets it and then will be like "why me"

Author — aimie red


"I wish I stayed home." The line they would probably say soon.

Stay safe everyone. Staying at home is not a punishment, it's all about discipline.

Author — Trix Barros


People partying on the beach
Coronavirus: "Remember, no Russian"

Author — Solar Blitz


This is literally annoying me... like wtf

Author — Stacey J.G


I’m a college student and this is my spring break. I’ve been outside once this week to get some groceries. It absolutely appalls me how selfish my generation is being, I’m so sorry. No amount of fun is worth other people’s lives

Author — Grace Vanderbilt