GOP Senators Give Lame Excuses For Voting Against Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial

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GOP Senators Give Lame Excuses For Voting Against Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial 5

Republican Senators including Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski and Marco Rubio spent the weekend offering lame justifications for their vote against calling witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial. #Monologue #Comedy #Election2020

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Why are so many stupid people so scared by “socialism”? Its kind of ridiculous when we have an actual despot that sees himself as a care and free college *isnt* *THAT* scary.

Author — Jimmi Padge


It's amazing that colbert can still get up almost everyday and keep up his spirits enough to make us laugh about this horror in the oval office

Author — Elle Dearing


"The institution of Congress hasn't failed. Senate Republicans have failed, and you're one of them."

Conservatives behold your leadership.

Author — Scarlet Letter


"Every other country in the world has no idea what the hell we're doing." As someone from any other country in the world I'll have to agree with this statement.

Author — Jonas of Persia


I love how the guy who sides with russia over his own intelligence agencies, calls other people "commies".
Pot.. kettle... heard of it?

Author — Richard Parker


I can’t imagine four more years of this idiot. It’s so painful.

Author — Frankie


How can anyone ever listen to Trump talk and think to themselves "this guy should be president"

Author — Hayden No


“Senate republicans have failed...and you’re one of them!” Nail on the proverbial head.

Author — owen bright


He doesn’t know the difference between communism and socialism!

Author — Charles Woods


Ok to be fair I would’ve been confused about the Kansas City thing too.
The difference is I’m not the president.

Author — Inami


No matter how much time passes, millions & millions of people from all over the world, are still wondering how it is possible that this ... person is the President of the U.S. ??? It is simply even beyond the unbelievable!!!

Author — Brainstorming Plus


America, I'm feeling the rage. Hold on to that until November.

Author — Electricshrock


Trump would fail on “Are you smarter than a 1st Grader?”

Author — GGA


"To sin by silence, when there should be protest, makes cowards of men." Ella Wilcox

Author — J.K Fitz


I don’t care if the Dem nominee is a pet rock, everyone needs to put on their big kid pants and vote blue. There’s no such thing as the perfect candidate, but any candidate is better than this idiot. Not voting is a vote for the GOP.

Author — wieldwords


It's ironic how Pompeo can ask a journalist where is Ukraine on the world map, but his boss can not locate Kansas City on the US map. 🤔😂

Author — Alex Kimou


All people of color have known for a while how the rich old white man’s trial would go.

Author — You're smarter than me but


I'm thinking Adam Schiff was being overly generous and naive with his praised expectations of Senate Republicans.
I expect that praise fell on deaf ears.

Author — Devil_Travels


"He shouldn't have done it. And- And- And- And I _said_ he shouldn't have done it, and now I think it's up to the American people to say, 'Okay. Good economy...'"
"'...lower taxes..."
"'...conservative judges...'"
"'...behavior that I might not like calling the Ukraine...'"
"'...weigh that against Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and pick a president.'"
Oh, good god! How many times do people have to point this out?!
First, yes, we have a _relatively_ good economy, but this is due to policies that _Obama_ put in place. _Obama_ put them in place. Can we _please_ stop ignoring this inconvenient fact? Obama inherited an economy in recession and got it _growing_ again! It has been growing ever _since._ Does it still have room for reform? Of _course_ it does! This does _not_ mean that Trump gets to inherit this economy and keep taking _credit_ for it.
Second, lower taxes for _whom?_ For the very _wealthy_ of course. One cannot hope to continue gaining brownie points for granting tax cuts to a demographic into which such a small proportion of this country's population actually falls.
Third, _conservative judges?!_ Seriously, _conservative judges?!_ What's the value of _that?_ This is not a rhetorical question. He presents this proposition as if its value is self-evident but it's not.
And this is what he presents as a defense of a decision not to remove Trump from office.

Author — Fauler Perfektionist


Did anyone else do a double take when Trump used the word "microcosm?"

I'm WHAT did you just say?? It's somehow unnerving to hear him use a word like that. I just can't see his mind producing that on it's own.
Which is why I'm all but certain someone fed him that line. I just cannot imagine him knowing and using that word in casual conversation. I don't buy it.

Author — avedic