GOP Senators Give Lame Excuses For Voting Against Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial

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GOP Senators Give Lame Excuses For Voting Against Witnesses In Trump Impeachment Trial 5

Republican Senators including Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski and Marco Rubio spent the weekend offering lame justifications for their vote against calling witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial. #Monologue #Comedy #Election2020

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Why are so many stupid people so scared by “socialism”? Its kind of ridiculous when we have an actual despot that sees himself as a care and free college *isnt* *THAT* scary.

Author — Jimmi Padge


It's amazing that colbert can still get up almost everyday and keep up his spirits enough to make us laugh about this horror in the oval office

Author — Elle Dearing


"Every other country in the world has no idea what the hell we're doing." As someone from any other country in the world I'll have to agree with this statement.

Author — Jonas of Persia


"The institution of Congress hasn't failed. Senate Republicans have failed, and you're one of them."

Conservatives behold your leadership.

Author — Scarlet Letter


How can anyone ever listen to Trump talk and think to themselves "this guy should be president"

Author — Hayden No


"It was wrong but not a high crime or misdemeanor." Funny that most of them also seem to think a bj is a high crime or misdemeanor.

Author — GodlessPhilosopher


“Senate republicans have failed...and you’re one of them!” Nail on the proverbial head.

Author — owen bright


Nice call on Murkowski! She definitely deserves it.

Author — Michele Engel


I love how the guy who sides with russia over his own intelligence agencies, calls other people "commies".
Pot.. kettle... heard of it?

Author — Richard Parker


Trump: tries to insult Bernie by lying about him getting married in Moscow.
Also Trump: PeePee Tape.🤣

Author — Tyler Tichoc


Adam Schiff: "Truth matters to you, right matters to you! You are decent!"
Republican senators, confused: who is he talking to?

Author — RTussenIO


"To sin by silence, when there should be protest, makes cowards of men." Ella Wilcox

Author — J.K Fitz


how could kansas represent the entire US when there was another US team at play? what a moron.

Author — JCS


America, I'm feeling the rage. Hold on to that until November.

Author — Electricshrock


The sound of 51 nails sealing the USA in a coffin.

Author — Go T


"It may be midnight in Washington, but the sun will rise again!" -Rep. Adam Schiff
A true American patriot, who fought for what's right, with dignity, passion, tact, and class....Oh yeah, and facts, and evidence, and proof, and stuff.

Author — Suzy Q


Ok to be fair I would’ve been confused about the Kansas City thing too.
The difference is I’m not the president.

Author — Inami


"He got married in Moscow."
"It was his honeymoon"
"Whatever. He went to school in Moscow."
"Whatever. He wanted to build a hotel in Moscow."
"That was you."
"Whatever. He's a Russian."

So why does Trump and his followers hate Moscow? Isn't your best friend Putin in Moscow? Rudy has been there. And then there's Moscow Mitch... well, that's self-referential. Why the hate?

Author — Itosalix


I don’t care if the Dem nominee is a pet rock, everyone needs to put on their big kid pants and vote blue. There’s no such thing as the perfect candidate, but any candidate is better than this idiot. Not voting is a vote for the GOP.

Author — wieldwords


"The institution of congress hasn't failed, the senate has failed znd you're one of them" truer words! we need term limits!!!

Author — Mellie