Sat Sri Akal: A Sikh Greeting

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This Sikh greeting has been used for centuries in many contexts...

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do not be angry with each other (comments below). Come together in your love of your God and your love of being Sikh. You are a wonderful people. I send you love and respect!

Author — Laure Simpson


Can somebody tell me how I would pronounce this? Is it just how it looks?

Author — Adam Key


I am not Sikh by any measure, but will shortly be formally meeting an older Sikh couple and thought it might be respectful or pleasing to them for me to use "Sat Sri Akal." It sounds like it has become universal enough that it would not be inappropriate. I see in the pictures above that Sikhs are using a "namaste"-style hand gesture when giving this greeting; is that solely the province of Sikhs, or should I do the same when pronouncing Sat Sri Akal?

Author — carmium



Dude, I'm not trying to be funny. The gentlemen in

Author — pinz2022


Correction. .  the sikh greeting is not "sat sri akal" rather it is 'waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh'. You will see that the change in our greeting was due to the British and it isn't the sikh greeting.

Author — Singh1699


Kida Gandooo, kida paaji paa, Gandu paaji

Author — Gary Sapra


sorry guys, thumbs down for not saying it. frustrating.

Author — Duane Wilkins