Elden Ring Press Kit Unboxing [Extremely Rare]

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Unboxing ultra rare Elden Ring press kit, Collector's Edition for PS5 and not-for-sale merch. Masterpiece videogame from From Software, creators of Dark Souls and Sekiro, and George R.R. Martin. Game of the Year 2022? Special thanks to Bandai Namco for sending these free unboxing samples.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Puukko
00:38 Collector's Edition
05:42 Press kit (40 pieces made)
11:19 Merch (not for sale)
13:34 Outro

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I've never been bright green with envy of a YouTuber until now. This press kit was epic but what more can you expect from the FromSoftware/Bandai Namco team. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Enigma1990ad


it’s so mind-boggling to me that the press-kit box sets, which are easily the versions that most serious collectors would leap at the opportunity to drop thousands of dollars on, are always basically unavailable to the public under any circumstances

Author — うぉ〜でぃん


Came back to this video only to announce that KleinTsuboi, a. k. a. "Let Me Solo Her" received a gift from Bandai Namco, and that gift is the same as the one you have now.

Also, the message from the team to Klein is wholesome.

Author — MBJ_01


A press kit that gives you a sword? Uh

Author — Hayden Sears


I'm preety sure that mug shows something when poured with hot water, I wanted to know so bad what it was

Author — MBoaron


This is never ending lol I would definitely say best press kit ever! That sword and the woodworking was elite!

Author — Garrett Schaller


The amount of time that went into all the bosses, enemies, characters, and weapons always astounds me because each one is unique in its own way.

Author — Jiji


I don’t need it, I don’t need it, I need it😂

Author — Iamrooster


Ive been a fan since tranzit zombies with randoms and always liked your style of playing reviving people who didnt have hope without you a true youtube legend you were and still are glad i can still watch your videos brought me good in my life when there might not have been as much thanks for making videos the way you make them its a bit like charlie chaplin you make easily understandable without words and made it look like it was effortlessly!
Thanks for the great content!
And to much more!

Author — Joseph Benoit


Literally the only type of video that gives me ASMR. Great video, I need that kit though (especially that art book).

Author — LinkfiedProductions


As an Xbox player, that’s freakin beautiful. I love the disk copies and cases. Much love towards PS for that kind of craft

Author — CaptainCombat


It’s the type of press kit that makes you want to give a good appreciation to the game… Thank you From Software !!!

Author — Greg Grem


Realmente me quedé impresionado de cada detalle de la colección Elden Ring, buen video!!

Author — Bryan Hanss


FromSoftware always deliver top notch work of art and the press kit definitely shows their identity!

Author — PlayerKai Gaming


Y'know I'm usually jealous whenever I watch one of your vids but Holy shit I can't even express how much I want each and every single thing you unboxed in this vid. Such a good game.

Author — Boogs


There's nothing Tarnished about this guy - his presentation is always clean, ha! ;3

Author — Robikku Pegasus


Don't know what press kits normally look like but this one is incredible. From did an amazing job putting together something to represent this game, I mean how many other kits come with a sword ffs?

Author — MF DOOMtr33


I got one of the collector's editions, although the universe was doing everything in it's power to keep me from getting one. I persevered though and am very thankful I got one. Now the press kit on the other hand.... They should have made more of those. That was amazing.

Author — Jeffmetal 42


Really enjoy watching your videos it is soothing relaxing and calming especially the sounds of how crisp the boxes are when you unwrapped then and reveal the contents of the items you get! but i really do wished that i can and would be able to get one of the collectors items you unbox but sadly i am sure that i wouldnt be able to at all lots of things going on irl But thank you for your videos its always exciting to watch someone else unbox some cool and amazing things that many others cant afford or even buy them selves but i am pretty sure there are lots of individuals such as myself that enjoy watching your content. One day... lol One day!

Author — viban ken


Holy crap! Pigminted, the individual who made that wooden plaque has been someone I’ve followed for a while (specifically on Instagram). I had no idea the Bandai Namco/FromSoftware team got them to work on this kit!! That makes me so proud in a way lol.

So glad you got this kit and we’re able to share it. Freaking awesome.

Author — Ben Ester