2021 Toyota Venza and Sienna – Features, Design, Interior

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2021 Toyota Venza and Sienna – Features, Design, Interior 4.5

The 2021 Toyota Venza crossover SUV and 2021 Toyota Sienna minivan were revealed Monday as mostly hybrid, all-wheel drive family vehicles. After a long absence and previous incarnation as a wagon, the Venza is reborn as a crossover SUV.

The new Venza is still spacious, comfortable, and sized a bit larger than the RAV4, but it's more aligned with the company's three-row Highlander crossover. The Venza's shapes are more organic and flowing, which is a contrast to the macho RAV4. The Venza is powered exclusively by a hybrid powertrain that's borrowed from the RAV4 and pairs a 2.5-liter inline-4 to electric motors and a hybrid battery pack. All-wheel drive is standard on the new Venza too, although Toyota's chief for sales in North America, Bob Carter, said the new crossover would be steered toward "urban" drivers.

The Venza's interior heads uptown with a large center touchscreen, up to 12.3 inches across in top trims, available two-tone leather, heated and cooled front seats, and an available panoramic roof that can dim or become transparent at the push of a button. Toyota says the five-seat crossover can manage up to 40 mpg combined when it's rated by the EPA, and a full suite of active safety features including automatic emergency braking is standard on the Venza.

Toyota will source the Venza crossover from its Takaoka, Japan plant.

The Sienna minivan returns for 2021, overhauled from its current shape and with a slightly new direction. The new van seats up to eight in some configurations and is available with all-wheel drive (the Sienna up until this year was the only van to offer it), but now adds a standard hybrid powertrain for better gas mileage. The Sienna uses a similar powertrain to the Venza, RAV4 Hybrid, and Highlander Hybrid that pairs a 2.5-liter inline-4 to hybrid batteries and electric motors. The combination will deliver up to 33 mpg combined, according to Toyota, without intruding on passenger space.

Carter said the new Sienna would still cater to families, but an upscale Platinum trim would add luxury touches for executive riders. The second row seats slide fore and aft 25 inches, and top trims of the van will offer ottomans that can extend for long-haul comfort. Combined with new interior materials and luxury amenities, Carter said the new Sienna could draw corporate dollars looking for executive-level comfort without sky-high prices.

Like the Venza, the Sienna is equipped with Toyota's latest array of active safety features including automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and active lane control. The Sienna is available with family-friendly features such as an in-cabin PA system, rear-seat entertainment, a digital rearview mirror, seven USB ports, a 9.0-inch touchscreen with smartphone compatibility and 18 cupholders.

The Sienna will be built in Indiana.

The Venza will go on sale later this summer and the Sienna will arrive by the end of the year. Toyota didn't say how much the new vehicles would cost when they go on sale.

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Author — 4Drive Time


How can I order a 2021Sienna ? Im in Philippines 🇵🇭

Author — Jaime Torres


تصميم جميل ومواصفات رائعه.. طبعاً للسوق الأمريكي 😥

Author — كاسر الأمواج


I love my Toyotas but the Venza looks similar to the Mitsubishi Montero 😕. Sienna is a Grand Slam!

Author — Echo9 *


toyota venza same like toyota harrier?

Author — Karisma Reality


Might look better with front license plate over the large black plastic looking lower grille. Nice interior. This car is on my short list. The first speaker is a little too dramatic for me, with all the hand and arm movements.

Author — jazzbeau507


Ok, this is really the Japanese Toyota Harrier, same wheelbase as the current RAV4, but longer, meaning it's a compact size midsize CUV, the previous-gen Venza was based on the Toyota Camry midsize wheelbase (hence, a midsize CUV) just saying, whereas the competition is midsize in length and width, the 3 big problems, too small to be a midsize CUV (same width and wheelbase as RAV4), hybrid only powertrain (clearly, Toyota's future direction) and here’s the last one, it looks too much like a smaller Lexus RX on the exterior design, given its size (smaller than other fwd 2-row midsize CUVs) Toyota won’t be able to charge as much, think a pricier RAV4, now the big question, when will the new-gen Venza get a Prime model, with Toyota not offering a V6 in the new-gen Venza and Sienna, begs the question, how long does the V6 have a place in Toyota lineup, count your self lucky, Toyota offers a V6 in the recently updated Highlander, which makes me wonder, will the next-gen Camry and future update Highlander (whenever that happens, brand new 2020 model) offer a V6 or 2.5 I4 hybrid and 2.5 I4 plugin hybrid (aka Prime model), also what does this mean for the next-gen Tacoma, V6 or I4 hybrid and plugin hybrid, we’ve all heard the rumors of the next-gen Tundra losing its V8 in favor of a top V6 turbo hybrid, guessing V6 hybrid will be the base and V6 turbo the middle engine option, I was hoping for a 2-row midsize CUV from Toyota

Author — Lee Edens


لا شكل ولا مواصفات والمصيبة بسعر تاهو فل ولا جمس دينالي على ايش👎

Author — zuhair saeed


the front front is really boring and toyota is also copying that stupid mercedes benz fashion. audi. suppress the front fog lamps by huge air vents false holes and a lot of cheap plastic not even some beautiful led daytime running lights on the front skirt that in addition to beautiful would give a sporty and elegant touch to the car etc, in such a large car It would be very positive. Rear optics finally look nice and big in a toyota and great news is in red and not in the horrible transparent white plastic glass color that Japanese cars use so much, thank you toyota for abandoning that color glass after parente in the rear optics although it still has a little in the small rear Catadrioptics .. inside the instrument panel seems small and not too much information should improve that, and the ecvt automatic transmission will come more refined smoother faster and less noisy especially when do you accelerate fully ?? I hope so, will the venza be sold in Europe? etc