1v5 Solo Fireteam Montage! Rules Of Survival / Kill Montage

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1v5 Solo Fireteam Montage! Rules Of Survival / Kill Montage 5
Hey hope you enjoy this 1v5 montage

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It doesn’t matter about the skills, what matters the most is that you if enjoy yourself😭😁😘😍🥰👉🏻🥇

Author — Fake C9Michael Ros


Hopeful to get a shoutout to your next videos Ferg. LOVE FROM THE PH.

Author — Justin De Sagun


When U started drinking juice I was laughing so hard

Author — Victor Garcia


99% of people seeing this

Have a good day small channel here love you ferg

Author — Blazing Flame Playz


7:55 was that milk? Cuz u shoulda offered that boy some milk after that shot..

Author — Peter Ceu


Ferg use only pistol in one game😈. If you win you are the real MVP!

Author — Gaming Ninja


Ferg play one game of c ops and record it it please, I’ll give u a kiss

Author — sixpath47 - Games And More


Ferg doesnt miss a shot

Aimbot:Am i a joke to you



Ferg it’s funny when u talk in another accent u should do that more lol

Author — Adil Ali


Breh just every time I watch ur video im like oh ye he got this, he’s an mvp after all

Author — Marian


That aim... Damn I can't even imagine myself being that good 😳

Author — • iJam


The God Is Back...
Wait..The God Never Left!😅😁

Author — Codename GX-846


Ferg before: oh I should try 360 degree shooting.
Ferg now: 1080 degree shooting is easy for me.
Luv you my young god.

Author — V-Kong Kin


I’m still practicing more. to be like u lodi

Author — Captain


Man..you’re so good with all the gun
I enjoy when you play shotguns :P you’re so cool my friend❤️ ily ferg

Author — Swaggy Gaming


that "GoodBye Ma frendss" tho 😂

Author — BAMBOO


Ferggg shout out me plsss im from the philippines💖👑 Lodi💜

Author — Bryan catayas


I have things i want to say first welcome back legend and second u just eat in a game hahaha like its nothing i lab u ferg♡♡♡

Author — NightMhier


So here is a story I tried Ifergs controls and It was very hard for me to remember jump button is broi

Author — Can i Get 5000 Subscribers without a video


I maybe a try hard at claw method but I'm inspired because of you Ferg!

Author — Eym Me