BEST Way to Start Streaming On Twitch With $200!

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BEST Way to Start Streaming On Twitch With $200! 5

Looking to get a GREAT start to your Twitch channel? Check this guide out and let me know what you thinK!

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why would you use a headset mic when you have a stand-alone mic

Author — Madison Campbell


Not a bad video, but before getting the accessories I'd worry more about your hardware and specs. Clear audio & webcam is good, but a clear stream, good FPS, etc. is even more important. Maybe upload another one including proper CPUs, GPUs, amount of RAM, etc. Would be dope!

Author — SgtGoldilocks


Yay can’t wait! My streaming channel is hiamellie

Author — Clemente Gonzalez


Kagenick ..: not a streamer yet but play so much n talk to myself seems like the logical thing now time to invest

Author — Kage Nick


hey zach love the videos and always feel like i’m watching a 1mil plus channel, i really hope you get big soon i’m happy to see you grow :)

Author — aston


You kinda look like Wentworth Miller...
Nice video tho! Thanks!

Author — Andres Lugo


I have alot of questions still, but this is a good start in the right direction. My twitch JohnnyCheyne

Author — Johnny DynamicGaming


Guys how do I use my headset for just hearing my friends and use my blue yeti for the microphone so how do I not use my headset mic? Plz help

Author — lev Bargraser


I only have the cloud stinger and the webcam logitech c922

Author — juanfliet


I have a question where I'm very confused if I'm streaming twitch on xbox do I need a mic like from the video or should I just use my xbox mic ..sorry if it's a dumb question

Author — Kryptik Shotz


This video helped me out with choices im not going to put my self out there yet until fully ready

Author — XerNation


I already have a turtle beach head set that I use with my xbox. Could I still use that

Author — Jesus


my twitch name i Lgodzilla123 And I’m thinking of changing it to perspectivezilla



Would this equipment still be good today?

Author — joshua logue


im new to twitch my user name is : JeraOps

Author — NotSkywalker _


Thanks for the video. Where is your t shirt from it’s great 👍🏻 all the way from the UK 🇬🇧

Author — Dan Haile


Hey, I really appreciate your vid! My twitch name is NinjaRyan407. I am in the process of buying everything that you said, because I legitimately think that it works. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Author — Pumpkin pie Gaming


Amazing video man. Good quality and a solid combo to start. I also stream but i aint growing that well. My twitch name is ExtendedEagle15.

Author — Jesper Steevensz


I have same headset so i guess my budget is $150 :)

Author — Couch potato


Nice video. Can’t wait to start streaming!!

Author — Nattt02