Blue Velvet // Whistler Mountain Bike Park

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Everything's bigger on Blue Velvet. One of my favourite trails at Whistler Bike Park is this sweet blue flow trail up in the Garbanzo Zone. It gives you a taste of everything you'd hope to ride while in BC like fast flowy berms, jumps, rock faces and woodwork, all without delving into black diamond territory. Make sure to check it out while you're there!

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💬 Comments

1:22 *riding a bike down a trail going 40 miles per hour* “OOH FRESH BEAR POOP”

Author — DJ Cook


I first watched this 3 years ago. I can now say that this is the video that sparked my passion in mountain biking. I now ride every day, work at a bike shop, and love nothing more than biking. Thank you.

Author — Henry Blasi


“If you have kids you can bring them to this park it’s really fun”

He says as he’s ripping through it at the speed of a car

Author — CS_Streamz


I like the part where he is on the bike

Author — Purple Baby


"If you have kids, this is a great trail to take them on" *passes by struggling adults on the way down*

Author — Lindsy Parks


Him: perfectly cuts and carves around corners and berms.

Me: forget to look ahead and goes over the berm and off the mtn side.

Author — Alexis Tingey


people are out here doing this while i'm over here forgetting how brakes work and ramming into my garage 💀

Author — skye


This is like a free-roaming roller coaster ride... without the tracks.

Author — Just Another Guy


This guy seems so chill while going like, 30km per hour, like.. props to you.

Author — Daw K T Lunn


I don’t even mountain bike but I can’t stop watching 👌

Author — T Ly


This is the video that has started my mountain bike passion and journey, thanks for this.

Author — jackson


This was hard to watch especially the feeling that if I did this I would be in the hospital after the first 30 seconds.

Author — Rexy offical


I watched this without sound and it was the most relaxing meditative thing ever

Author — Shem


(Going 60 mph down a rocky hill). “Yeah and then when i finished changing my tire i look to my left and theres a bear!”

Author — Colin Ark


commentary while riding? this mans a genius

Author — Sepia


when I was 12 years old and I loved that place I went there with my dad and it was so epic and amazing and I didn’t go on the exact trail you’re on but it was so fun

Author — Delaney G


just imagine having to bike all the way back up to get to the top...

Author — A.R.G Life


My anxiety went through the roof watching this

Author — Enderboo


"If you have kids" yes I am a kid. I am 14 year old who just recently learned how to ride one and you're taking me to that already?!

Author — lamp_shade


Thrilling to watch. Would love to learn to do even a fraction of this

Author — Nora Kavanagh