Dramatic Emotional Music - And The Sky Turned Red

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Dramatic Emotional Music - And The Sky Turned Red 5

Dramatic Emotional Music - And The Sky Turned Red

Album: Heroes
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Composer: Greg Dombrowski

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I remember the day, young one
When the sky turned red
The works of man and woman forgotten
And the world I knew at an end.

We tried to stop it, Gods know we tried
But we were late, too late, too late, too…
The light stopped, the fire died
The spark of creation snuffed by the winds of time.

The sky was the red of Death
Then the grey of ash
The ash that lives in the remnants
Of our great halls, our weapons, our towers, our trash.

This is my inheritance to you, my child
Please forgive me, at least I tried
What we did was a tale of the unthinkable
And the tale of how we died.

There may be others out there, but I doubt it.
The universe is too cruel for either compassion or hatred
Only cold wind blows where life once lived
Until the day the sky turned red

Author — Thomas Kellogg


Our hate for The Last Jedi has blinded us to that amazing shot...I mean look at it

Author — Conor Dowd


I truly believe your going to be up there with Hanz Zimmer. Your just that good.

Author — Huey P. Freeman


I hope to see you compose a film soundtrack :)

Author — Gipsy Danger


One last moment;
one last breath.
Before it all would be gone;
before there would be nothing more left.

They knew this day would be coming.
But not exactly when.
They thought they still had enough time.
But it was too late for them.

If only they had done something earlier.
If only they had prepared better.
For this day.
For saving all of their lives.

For the last time,
they all remained quiet.
For the last time,
they all were staring at the sky.

Waiting for this one moment.

Waiting for their end.

Full of despair and sorrow,
they were watching as it approached the earth.
Full of anger and aggression,
they were about themselves.

One last moment.
Of their whole existing.
One last moment.
Before the earths death.

And then they felt it.
How it hit the earth.

How it destroyed everything.

Till there were nothing more left.

One last moment.

And the sky turned red.

Author — Laura


Look deep within yourself my friend
I know you see the shadows in your heart
I know you see the ash upon your soul
I know you see the evil of your spirit
Gaze long upon your people
I know you see their shame and failure
I know you see the wounds they caused
But I beg you to forgive them
The stars know they tried to save all life
But endangered all of space instead
Watch closely infinity
I know you see death where there once was life
I know you see coals where there once was fire
I know you see dusk where there once was dawn.
Stare far into the universe
I know you see how dark it is
Too cruel for life or death
I know you see how dead it is
No trace of life but blood upon times canvas.
I know you ask questions larger then eternity
What was the light dawn?
What was the flame of life?
What was the glory of the stars?
I cannot answer them, neither can I fathom them
I can only make one promise
One day the sky will turn red
And the hands of time shall move from zero to one
And the cosmos itself shall blaze with life once more
But never forget the chaos you see before you or repeat the mistakes we made
And remember, not every soul can be rescued.

Author — Peril


Obi-Wan: I have failed you Anakin
Luke: I have failed you Ben
Failure of both great masters and last moments they've seen was the image of their fallen pupils gone to the dark yet even then both smiled remembering the good moments of their journey and kinship together. Accepting their fate and knowing that even if they are gone it's not over yet and there is still hope. Hope not to perhaps redemption but at least victory.

Author — Dam Ian


Aint nobody here realising that this is luke skywalker?
His death was so sad, but there was sooo much potential ...

Author — Detox7


What have I done?!!
You are fulfilling your destiny, Anakin

No Ben! Noo!!
I failed him...

Let the past die, kill it, if you have to.

Author — Sigma Boyz


There is lot of pain and disappointment within you fir this impotent world and it's society and that makes you compose such an incredible stunning loving awesome music I have ever heard, , , u know what? I love you ❤

Author — Arjun Shah


A warrior. A protector. A legend. Always watches over as the sky turns red...

Author — Super G


“Here we are, the end of the line. Just you and me.
Perhaps those that will survive will speak of us in legend, but now is our time. Given to us by a dying world to end our conflict for good, and for the universe itself to witness. The fight of ages.”

“Two ideologies clash, only one will prevail.”

Author — Fallout Addict 008


There is a story about long ago, when life was still abundant on this planet. Did you know that? But they were at conflict quite often. One between nations in a monumental almost cataclysmic scale. Stories of hundreds and of thousands of men fighting. Capitals of nations being burned and taken. Remorse had almost no place in this world.
Of millions being shushed in the black of the night.
Mankind being pushed to a point of absolute frustration and absolute anger and neglect that it did something that would have been unthinkable at any other point in time.
Two bombs.
Two cities.
Hundreds of thousands dead in the blink of an eye.
And an empire taken to it's knees. Fortunately they were only used in this capacity.
Maybe. Just maybe it was justifiable.
But never forgotten.
But the events of yesterday was nothing more than a few big wigs squandering away the promising hope that humanity could have brought to the world. Instead of reasoning, they decided to make sure to empty every silo. Anything and everything was a target. An enemy. Because if they were going down everyone was going with them.
Only those tucked away in those silos or bunkers survived. And I don't mean anything but the hardest of bunkers. The NORAD bunker just barely made it, I went into the mountain when the sirens came on. When the doors sealed. There is no mountain there anymore.

This is my story

I was there was there when those titanic symbols of hate, frustration, and ignorance took to the skies and the sky turned red.

Remember the fallen, remember the slain

Author — paul chandler


“We’ve been on this good earth a long time. I’ll be damned if they take us off it now.”

Author — James Shedinn


You know what you would be great at. Creating such sad, hopfully and war type music. Something which marvel should have. Especially for their new film "endgame" something like this at the end of the film will make me cry and emotionless at the same time

Author — Cameron Taplin


One of the best producers of music tbh

Author — Mihai


The Image is from Star Wars The Last Jedi. A scene from the death of Luke.

Author — Nikif


You know a song has such a powerful impact when it sends shivers throughout your body👁

Author — Mysterium Rimor


It’s not available on US iTunes!! Love this piece!! Merry Christmas.

Author — Alex


So much talent! Can't wait for the next album!

Author — Atreides Hawk